Edible crayons

4250465985_d298fa0865_o.jpg Luxirare made a set of edible crayons, each with a recipe based on the available ingredients' colors. Yum!
The purple and blue are least healthy, they have more candy and sugar in them haha. The purple one used freeze dried blueberries (also such a good snack, and good for making jams or blueberry sauces without buying fresh blueberries, these keep for such a long time!) and the blue used dried blueberries (different texture than freeze dried, it has more of a chewy and wet mouthfeel).
CRAYON [Luxirare]


  1. Not sure if it’s an appropriate gift for a small child. Here, you can eat THESE crayons, but not those crayons over there.

    Crayons are for coloring and drawing. Manufacturing edible crayons is a cynical pun: “kids eat crayons? okay, here’s some edible crayons. heh heh.”

    I remember a few years back, some manufacturer came out with a little sweet drink dispenser in the shape of a pistol. You merely aimed the pistol into your mouth, and voila! A tasty drink.

  2. oh great, now i get to teach my one-year-old that some crayons are ok to eat and some are not. that sounds fun.

  3. Great idea and beautiful photos of the crayons and ingredients, but I wish there were more examples of the results – ie, what the markings look like, some sample drawings made with the crayons, etc.

  4. That person/site re-awoke the jaded photographer in me. Very pretty.

    As for the crayons, will my works of art go moldy?

  5. Just saw the ingredients and that’d be a horrible way to find out your child has a nut allergy. Back to eating those wax ones!

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