Now roll me to the fjords

This prize-winning entry in a Norwegian design competition proposes an elegant idea for the small town of Ã…ndalsnes, which describes itself as "The Gateway To The Fjords." (Full disclosure: I don't know if Ãndalsnes describes itself as "The Gateway To The Fjords," but it should.) The design posits a collection of small, plain housing units that would roll out toward the fjords on existing railroad tracks in viewing seasson, and collect together near the town center in winter, adding valuable housing stock. The firm that came up with the idea, Jagnefält Milton Architecture, also proposes units of varying size and function that could be assembled into a hotel, and others into a public bath and concert hall:
The integration of mobile structures - including a rolling hotel, public bath and concert hall - has the potential to transform the city into a dense, integrated and continually changing scenography. The temporary, small-scale structures sets the 'city in motion', providing an important connection between the land and the sea.
(Via designboom.)


    1. one views the intrinsic beauty of the fjords themselves……

      …or possibly the spectacle of small buildings slowly rolling by.

  1. A lot of cruise/merchant ship action on the busier fjords. Now, I’m not versed in Dutch property tax laws, but will I be taxed on my summer property as well as my winter property?

  2. Surely building your structure in shipping crates or other similar sized box that can be lifted on and off of normal rail transport cars would be simpler?

    Each one of these requires it’s own wheels which require their own maintenance…

  3. “Spring has arrived, and the town grows restless. Soon the migration begins, and the buildings start their annual trek to the summer breeding grounds near the fjords.”

    1. Suggests some potentially awkward questions, e.g. “Mommy, what are those two buildings **doing**?”

  4. Those boxes are hideous and bare (no beds? no toilets? no kitchenettes?), and the proposed mode of transportation is absurd. Both town and visitors would be better served if they allowed people to drive in and sleep in their cars, vans, campers, and mobile homes. Or if you insist on pulling in a train full of sleeping cars, then do just that, not this cold mess.

      1. DELIGHTFUL! You should try it!

        Turns out I was wrong about the hideous concrete boxes not having toilets or beds (but not about them being hideous concrete boxes).

  5. And every night, the city could re-arrange itself, like in “Dark City.”

    That would be pretty awesome.

  6. sorry to piss on your parade clever architects, but one of the essential reasons for natural beauty around the fjords is that it is nature *not buildings* you see.
    good luck changing the extremely strict “no new buildings closer than 100 meters from the shore” law with a few puny ply wood structures.
    people with much deeper pockets than you are repeatedly trying, and failing every time.

  7. The last time i checked, aren’t people who live in mobile boxes, especially around train tracks, called homeless? I know they are called that in America.

    Andy Leff

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