Onion on gamer memories

"Approximately 47 percent of Jenkins' hippocampus is dedicated to storing notable video-game victories and frustrating last-minute defeats, while 32 percent of his amygdala contains embedded neurological scripts pertaining to game strategies, character back stories, theme songs, and cheat codes."


  1. Not being aware of what a hippocampus usually stores, I actually believed the whole thing. Until, just before leaving the page, I bothered to look where the article was actually hosted.

    It was one of those ‘heh, how about that’ moments followed by another ‘heh, how about that then’ moment.

    1. I read most of it and then thought “you know, this reads like an Onion article” before realizing it actually is. That means that I, too, believed it, which is troubling. I think I need to spend less time reading boingboing and the like.

  2. My first reaction to reading this was the same as Xeno. Then I read the full article, and I had the same thought as marco antonio (“This reads a lot like an Onion article”). This was very funny, but only because I did not expect a link from Boing Boing to the Onion, (and because of the automatic association with Leroy). Well done, but to keep it funny, please apply sparingly!

  3. Even though this is an Onion article I totally agree with the general theme of it.

    A great deal of my favorite memories up until the time I left for college were about playing video games with my friends…

    And then there was that semester in college when Half-Life came out…

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