William Shatner performs "It Was A Very Good Year"

William Shatner performs "It Was A Very Good Year" on The Mike Douglas Show, 1969.


  1. Rhino Records released a compilation/anthology entitled, “Golden Throats” that included Shatner singing, ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and Jack Webb with ‘Try a Little Tenderness.’

  2. When I was seventeen it was a very good year for Nintendo 64.

    When I was 21 it was a very good year for Game Cube.

    We’ll see about 35 and “the autumn years.”

    So anyway, what’s a girl?

  3. Say what you like; good, bad or indifferent. He’s got a unique shtick and that’s something special.

  4. I find that the distortion etc make the long shots especially creepy, even for The Shatman.

    I think I finally get what it is about Shatner’s acting that makes up his signature. Where most actors will use an internal method to time their dialogue… Bill’s method is to mouth the bits a few times until finds his cue. A rare form of external acting method turrets.

  5. this song always makes me jealous. i’ve waisted my life, the extended version with the hamlet soliloquy makes that abundantly clear.

  6. It almost seems like he’s doing it in character as Kirk, at least for the first and third verses. For the second verse (“When I was 21”), it’s like he’s doing an impression of Christopher Walken.

  7. Both Shatner and Nimoy suffer from tinnitus, which they blame on an explosion on the set. Shatner’s case was so bad that at one point he contemplated suicide.

    Cut him some slack. He was putting everyone on. He’s always been a comedian, disguised as a dramatic actor. Now that he’s doing comedy full time, he’s as happy as he’s ever been.

  8. To Shat’s credit, he has his own delivery and style of singing, it’s not Sinatra obviously, but it’s him, and that’s fine.

  9. When I was thirty-three,
    It was a very good year.
    It was a very good year for green-skinned girls,
    Whose skirts fit like a glove.
    They never knew how to love.
    One kiss could set them free,
    When I was thirty-three.

  10. I love the psychedelic opening, too. Because you know, Shatner reciting lyrics while evidently stoned out of his mind on national television is not weird enough, so let’s get an Asian gong and a kaleidescope up in there.

  11. Bonsoir! Ah, a local hero! McGill U even named a building after him.

    my favorite is still his cover of Pulp’s “Common People”. A true work of art…

  12. Say what you like about Shatner’s singing, but he is truly excellent on “Has Been” with Ben Folds. Well worth a listen. Sort of like modern beat poetry.

  13. I’ve been trying to find a recording of Boris Karloff doing “It Was A Very Good Year” on the Jonathan Winters show. Any help?

  14. You gotta read a little book called “Up Till (sic) Now” to understand his method if you don’t “get it”. Similar to how a lot of people don’t understand British humor, he’s outside the box enough to be a curiosity…

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