More music mashups: peer-reviewed edition


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  1. Anonymous says:


    Give Girl Talk another try! I think one of the most impressive things about him is not the output in its raw form (though I must admit, I really like that too), but the way he is able to make such an amazing live performance out of it. I would argue that his ability to perform the music live is what most sets Girl Talk above most of the rest of the pack. It’s one thing to edit something to “perfection”, it’s another to be able to pull it all off live while manipulating hundreds (thousands?) of samples.


  2. petroleum says:

    I’ve listened to Girl Talk and honestly, compared to the likes of what Andrea has posted GT seems amateurish by comparison. I thoroughly enjoyed GT when I didn’t know better. Thanks, Andrea for the Best of Bootie post and this follow up piece. It is greatly appreciated. My wife, our thirteen month old, my mom and I actually had a dance session this afternoon in my living room thanks to you and a Chrono Trigger mashup album. :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    What, no Girl Talk?

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