Man Eater sex toy: offer of a product review sample

Today, I received the following email from Mae Schultz, marketing campaign manager of Good Vibrations.
Hi Mark,

Would you be interested in reviewing Good Vibrations newest male sex toy the "Man Eater from Outer Space"? Feel free to write whatever you'd like about it, I'd be happy to send you a sample.

Have a great day,

Man Eaters From Outer Space Waterproof Vibrator: $29.00


  1. Well they do seem to know their market well; I can’t imagine a site that this would get better attention from than BoingBoing.

  2. FYI:

    this little spaceguy is not a sleeve, but slides along the shaft.

    I hope that clears up any confusion.

    1. “As clear as an unmuddied lake; as clear as the azure sky of bluest summer”. (appy polly loggies for any misquotation)

    2. re: clearing up confusion – Thank you. I was way off the mark.

      A serious, professional review of this gadget would be welcome. We’re all enlightened here. And we promise not to giggle.

  3. Like many others, I’m here after clicking the Read the rest link and expected to see Mark’s own personal review with pictures and possibly explicit video after the jump.

    Wat sort of journalisms is this?

    1. I don’t know… I mean these people do perform some journalistic things but it is a directory of wonderful things.

    1. … aaaand I just sent a link to this page to Ms. Vernon.

      I suspect it will be met with hysterical laughter.

  4. Is this product meant to blend in innocently among your office desktop figurines or is it intended for gentlemen who happen to have a Mike Wazowski fetish?

  5. “form-fitting and curved to fit many penises”. Just how many, I wonder? All at once, or serially? Clearly, this demands testing. Did Good Vibrations provide you with an MSDS?

    1. Ice cream paint job just got a whole new, dirtier meaning. And cjp, I promise nothing! I am giggling now. The Mike Wazoski fetish joke nearly made me inhale my dinner.

  6. With a matter of a simple paint job, I’d imagine the review could be shortened to “Just look at it.”

  7. I was going to make a “Christ, what an asshole” comment but then learned it’s not an anal toy. :/

      1. There are size limitations I would think.
        In fact, I won’t even think of the lifesize replica of a spermwhale. No, I won’t.

        That thing looks just not even remotely like a sextoy to me.
        Interesting conversation piece.

  8. Had I fully grasped the apparent infallibility of Rule 34, I quite likely would have wound up at the door of Good Vibrations, portfolio in hand before wasting my life with a traditional career. Is there a Kevlar safety net for sex toy designers? Not every design is, perhaps, destined to be a runaway hit, but there is at least a “place” for everything.

  9. Wait, ok first I thought it was some wierdly shaped butt plug or something but its actually something you have on while you masturbate? Why… I mean can’t you just you know, sort of just masturbate. The usual way. With your hand. Or is this a big thing for you guys with no foreskins? Like using lube when you do it…

    Is anyone gonna test this thing? I know allot of people here have asked but I really wanna know.

  10. Can you put me in touch with this guy? I’d love to do product reviews for them, only I’m female.

    1. Can you put me in touch with this guy? I’d love to do product reviews for them, only I’m female.

      A thousand nerds all over the world just stopped typing and computing all at once…

      1. Yea, that comment was cruel. I mean geeze the older ones have heart conditions after all. :p

  11. Considering the “Feel free to write whatever you’d like about it” line, presumably the very existence of your post constitutes acceptance and fulfillment of the terms.

    You might as well get a free sample, you’ve already provided the advertisement they were looking for.

    1. You should get one just because it would look totally unassuming on your desk and you could laugh about how people had no idea what it’s intended use is, and if they do it’s probably an interesting way to meet new people.

  12. If you do a review, will the review be a demonstration video or simply documented with photographs?


  13. How do you…how does it *work*? Is there an opening I’m missing, or another part? *Confused*

      1. Imagine the beastie is eating corn on the cob.

        With the desired result being cream of corn, so to speak.

  14. i had to read the damn product description 3 times and then ponder it for 10 minutes to understand what in the hell this thing did.

  15. So I click the “read more…” link and — nothing! No review, no pics, no video of it in use. Man, I want my bOINGbOING subscription fee refunded.

    Frauenfelder, you’re going to have to do a lot better than that if you ever want to fulfill your lifelong dream of blogging for Fleshbot.

  16. ♪♫ Woah, here she comes. Watch out boy she’ll chew you up! Woah here she comes. She’s a man eater!♫♪

  17. It would almost be worth it to buy one and put it on my desk at work just so I could make fun of anyone who recognized what it was.

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