Sad John Boehner and Sad Don Draper (Update: by popular demand, now with Sad Glenn Beck, Tiny Sad Keanu, Sad James Van Der Beek)


UPDATE: By popular demand, Sad James Van Der Beek, shocked cat and Sad Keanu are now in attendance (you're welcome, @brianstovall, @andrea_ball, and all else who chimed in).

Additional sad guys one might Photoshop in: Sad Julian Assange, Sad Adrian Brody, Sad Nic Cage, Sad Leave Britney Alone Guy, and Crying Double Rainbow Guy.

Below, earlier iterations with fewer Sad Guys.

(shoop: Xeni)




      1. Actually I think it’s Glenn Beck who’d be the catcher in this five way relationship.

        The alternate title for this could be “Roofies work on men too!”

  1. Doesn’t Boehner know they only award Oscars to actual actors?

    Xeni – how about some shocked kiteh in the corner?

  2. Boehner and Beck are not even worthy enough to wipe their tears with Draper’s puke-stained shirt.

  3. Boehner is sad.

    Draper is sad.

    Beck . . . Beck just looks like a one year old unhappy about having a load in his Huggies.

    1. >> Beck just looks like a one year old unhappy about having a load in his Huggies.

      I thought he’d just heard what he was saying. But I suppose that’s basically the same thing… :-P

    1. I can’t tell just how well that ties my week together. Damn near started tearing up myself.


  4. You know guys, I think Beck is trolling you all with that picture. But by all means keep giving him attention.

    On a related note, you may have heard that women want men to be honest about their feelings. It’s true, but only in the same sense that the IRS wants you to be honest about your finances.

  5. Sad Julian Assange, Sad Nic Cage, Sad Adrian Brody, and Crying Double Rainbow Guy would also fit! You’re welcome to shop it more yourselves, but I must move on.

  6. Oh, man. Someone please ‘shop in Xeni’s other honorable mentions.
    (Shocked Cat is my favorite.)

  7. Sad Boehner must have just launched some sadly foul flatulence, if Van der Beek’s expression is any indication.

  8. It is enough to make one weep!

    A crying shame!

    But don’t you cry! Tears are tearing up the headlines, too!–women-s-tears-lower-testosterone-in-men

    Excuse me, while I wipe away a tear.

    But if it’s your (tea) party, you can cry if you want to, too:

    For now, it’s got me shedding tears of joy.

  9. Speaker Boehner’s emotional lability may be related to his self-confessed BFF, Merlot. Apparently, he’s a member of the it-must-be-five-o’clock-somewhere school of bibulology.

  10. Beck and Boehner are both crybabies. Boehner may be replacing Beck as the town crier. The DNC should take taken ads with both of them crying and saying “Is this who you want to be the new Speaker of the House”?

  11. Stefan Jones-Both Beck and Boehner are crybabies to gin up phony sentimentality for their cause. They’re two peas in a pod.

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