Saturday Night Live's classic parody of Dateline's Keith Morrison

I must have watched Bill Hader's 2008 and 2009 SNL parodies of Dateline's Keith Morrison more than a dozen times this week. Do I get some sort of strange delight in all this? I do... (Thanks, Rick Pescovitz!)

Another one after the jump. Apologies if you can't watch them outside the US.


  1. I want Hader to hang out with me as Vincent Price. If I can’t have Vincent Price, I’ll settle for Keith Morrisson

  2. I feel kinda dirty for admitting this, but Mrs. Thebelgianpanda and I are guilty of throwing Bill-Hader-isms into almost daily conversation (usually right after one of us says, “Oh Hai Mark”).

  3. The first time I saw Keith Morrisson on TV was quite recently, when I got into the ‘forensics ‘n’ fascism’ genre. Immediately I knew that someone somewhere must have made fun of him and lo, there it was!

  4. SNL joke formula:
    1) produce a verbal or non-verbal quirk or tic
    2) repeat quirk
    3) repeat quirk in a more exaggerated manner, in case you didn’t catch it the first time
    4) hit the punchline by stretching quirk out in a considerably more exaggerated manner.

    Cut to commercial.

  5. Morrison rocks. Does that craggy bastard write his own scripts, or does he have writers doing it in his voice? He takes the murder investigation/mystery to another level. He’s like a performance artist whose task is to take the viewer by the hand and say, “Look, here’s how the most horrible, unbelievable things enter into your mundane, safe, Main Street USA existence. Here’s how normality becomes anything but, and how the horror of one moment can completely change your life.

  6. Keith Morrison was on the local NBC affiliate here in Los Angeles going back to the 1980s (the first time I can remember him). I had no idea that he was on Dateline until I saw these when they were on SNL. He also had a cameo as himself on a Seinfeld (the one where Kramer came out to LA and was suspected of being a murderer).

  7. I laughed so hard the first time I watched this. I thought to myself, “OMG, someone else GETS IT!” I too have watched this too many times and now that you’ve posted this here, I’ll be watching it many more times again.

  8. Keith Morrison was a Canadian TV newsman until he defected to LA in 1986. I grew up watching him on CTV and CBC. Obscure fact: Morrison was born in Lloydminister, Saskatchewan, a town that straddles the provincial border with Alberta and is thus in two time zones.

  9. (I take that back, both the implication that every Canadian provincial border is on a timezone boundary and that Lloydminister in particular sits on one. From Wikipedia, “… this places the city … in the Mountain Standard Time Zone during the winter … During the summer, Alberta is on Mountain daylight time, and Saskatchewan on Central standard time, which are both UTC−06.” Sorry for any confusion. Sir Sandford – a Scotch-Canadian – would be spinning in his grave.)

  10. *SLAP*
    Another one after the jump. Apologies if you got slapped.

    “That was totally uncool.”
    “Did you not read the preemptive apology?”

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