How To: Make a B-Boy Abe Lincoln out of a $5 Bill


via i love charts


  1. …and the Skater Kids point to Skater Lincoln, and whisper amongst themselves, “Man, that dude’s OLD.”

  2. Especially in light of Saturday’s murders in Arizona, the “Cap Lincoln” remark is in questionable taste. In street jargon, to “cap” someone is to shoot them. Abraham Lincoln himself was a victim of exactly that sort of gun violence. Or is that all part of the joke? It must be. It’s just an elaborate pun. Otherwise, the $100 bill would have been used, since it’s all about the benjamins, and that would have been more funny anyway. Never mind.

    1. I was going to make a playful John Wilkes Booth joke but after that depressing comment I’m just going to take my ball and go home.

      1. Just don’t shoot your ball into the back of this bill’s head.

        Sheesh, talk about Buzz Killington.

    2. *sigh*
      last time I checked the $5 bill doesn’t have Gabrielle Giffords face on it so what’s the problem with a little joke at a long since deceased President’s expense?

      You’ve just made the internet a little less fun today. Thanks.

    3. don’t you think that’s a stretch? the point is making a baseball CAP on lincolns head, i sense no distastefulness from it

    4. Uhm. I just thought I should point out, the more logical of our community would look at the “Cap Lincoln” heading (not remark) as a description of what it is. Not street jargon for saying, “Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head like Gabrielle Giffords, LOL!”

    5. In light of you being an over analytical “Debby Downer”, I’d like to say I don’t see how this at all relates to the shooting in Arizona. Only a hoity-toity, political correctness seeking, suburban soccer mom would make that connection. Besides, nobody’s used the term “capped” since the 90’s.

  3. I wanted to do this but neither I nor any of my office coworkers have paper money. This is what the world has come to. All credit all the time.

    My ex and I used to make a punch of shirt dollars ( before going to the bar. When you tip in shirts, the staff tend to remember you (for amusement at the least if you’re a bad tipper).

  4. From 2 to 3: fold it over so the 5 shows upside down under Lincoln’s jaw, then reach under it and pull the other corner (also a 5) down and to the left.

  5. Great trick, but why is the final image dressed as a skater, and not dressed as a B-Boy? Shouldn’t ‘breakdancing’ be somehow involved?

    1. Looks good to me! I only had an old $1 bill from a coworker to work with. I made a super terrible Washington with a hat… then successfully made a shirt-dollar.

      If work didn’t block me from my own Twitpic account, I’d link the pics. You can find me there though with the same username.

    1. “(you can make the queen suck a penis)”

      That reminds me of how somebody pointed out that if Prince William has a stripper at his bachelor party, how odd it must feel to him to pay her with pieces of paper bearing his grandmother’s portrait.

      I’m American, and I remember the day in junior high when somebody demonstrated how to fold a dollar bill to make George Washington look like a penis.

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