Jim Woodring's giant ink pen unveiled


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  1. whizse says:

    I guess he’s one of the few who really does buy ink by the barrel?

  2. therantguy says:

    I hate to sound like a troll…but I am REALLY getting tired of seeing these articles in my RSS feed. This has got to rate amongst the silliest endeavors ever. It’s a novelty pen, big whoop. Will the news cover me if I decide to paint with my nose?

  3. tim140486 says:

    I also suggested to him that he try using it over the shoulder ha! Here is a video I took of the event – Highlight, Audience- “Mr. Woodring is your pen hollow?” Jim – “What kind of question is that?”

  4. Mert says:

    I would have missed this event (even though it took place at my daughter’s school), if BoingBoing had not pointed it out – Thanks!
    I took some photos (in 3D no less!) and posted them to my occasional blog, Euphonia: http://euphonia.us/wp/?p=200. A great time was had by all.

  5. Brainspore says:

    I hate to sound like a troll…but I am REALLY getting tired of seeing these articles in my RSS feed.

    Well just imagine the confusion of all Twitter users who wanted to know when the giant pen was coming. It turns out that #giantpeniscoming links to another subject entirely.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it curious how oversizing an ordinary object makes it comical or amusing through absurdity?

    And isn’t it even more curious that we never get tired of making things which are comically large?

    ~D. Walker

  7. Egypt Urnash says:

    I got to draw with the Maximus too! It was awesome. Frustrating and difficult, but awesome.

    I took some photos too: http://picasaweb.google.com/egypturnash/NibbusMaximus#

    If anyone out there has photos of me trying to use the Maximus I’d love to see them – I was the girl with the long pink hair and the red sweater.

    • Glenn Fleishman says:

      Shoot, I must have left before you used the pen!

    • CoffeeBlack says:

      I was one of the last people to get to use the pen before they packed it up, a very memorable experience. Personally I loved this event, it reminded me of the event we used to have when I was in art school. Small, very cozy community gatherings where people could come together and enjoy creating and talking about art without the pretentiousness found in most gallery showings, which are mostly for the benefit of people intending to buy or trying to make themselves feel more important or cultured by associating themselves with art.

      This event felt more like it was meant to be appreciated by artist, doodlers, and people who really cared about the art and the experience. Not to mention that it was just great fun using and seeing others try to wield a 7 foot pen.

      Here are the pictures that I managed to take:


  8. Vanwall says:

    Needs a shoulder strap doohickey.

    • Glenn Fleishman says:

      I asked him about that. He was thinking about a sling or strap, and thought it would restrict his movement too much. But it might happen!

  9. Rhonan says:

    I wonder if that pen will be available from penisland.com?

  10. Steven Stwalley says:

    Woodring is one of the modern world’s greatest artists, I think. More coverage from The Comics Journal here:


    Also, check out this fantastic Woodring pinball backglass that was just manufactured!


  11. Ratdog says:

    Weird to see Scott Kurtz in that Flickr stream. I forgot that he moved to Seattle.

    • Glenn Fleishman says:

      Which one is Scott Kurtz? I believe he and I were exchanging messages on a cartoonist’s forum (about my article on The Oatmeal). I had no idea he lived here. Small world.

      • Ratdog says:

        On the 14th image of the Flickr, he is the guy looking at his cell phone (possibly taking a photo). He is left to the guy with the shirt that says Oslo and the guy with the camera.

        He only recently moved, according to posts from his site. He is sharing an office with the Penny Arcade guys.

  12. forgeweld says:

    How very cool. It’s a grand concept, well executed, and his technique with it is bound to grow quickly. It looks like he’s responding to a universal impulse, and he might want to look at this to see if a paradigm shift is in order as far as large scale inking goes.


    The Nibbus Maximus is gorgeous, though.

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