More gig posters for scientists

 5287 5328137313 55Cd6Df046 Z Here is the latest rock poster-inspired flier for a science lecture at the UNC Chapel Hill Biology Department. Make sure you check out all of them. They're hand screenprinted by The Merch, a Chapel Hill design group "influenced by skateboard culture, underground music, and contemporary design."
"Gig Posters for Scientists"


  1. Have y’all seen the film version of “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”? In the beginning of the film, the young version of the protagonist is in his bedroom, which is plastered with posters of various scientists of note. I believe there’s even one that says “Nikola Tesla, Rockstar Scientist.”

      1. I think it’s cool too. But under current copyright laws it’s problematic. You’re no longer allowed to climb on the shoulders of giants.

        1. Wouldn’t advertising for a university seminar/lecture which (at least here at UNC) is free and open to the public fall under the educational purposes part of fair use?

  2. It’s neat to see these get more attention! I work in that building, and I’ve always thought those seminar posters are fascinating. They’re definitely more enticing than the normal plain text, center-justified, with a single small picture format I see so often; there’s been a few I wanted to go to just because I liked the poster so much.

  3. I tried to make the announcements to my dissertation as funny as I could, so the first had part of the code in green on the background, Matrix-like, the second had a Trypanosome over the HAL camera (as I want to use a computer to find a way to kill the parasite), and the defense poster had Eddie from Iron Maiden in the Number Of The Beast, but holding a Trypanosome, because one of the findings of the model was a ratio of 2/3, 0.666 for a metabolic flux.

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