HOWTO make a motorcycle out of cigarette lighters

In this series of images, Imgur user JoeDusk shows how cheap disposable cigarette lighters can be disassembled and re-configured as kick-ass little motorcycles. It's pretty insanely clever.

Fucking. Awesome. (Thanks, Giblfiz, via Submitterator!)


  1. as someone who is in the throes of winter (all cage riding right now) and who gave up smoking 2 months ago…I must have one of these!

  2. Impressive, but not much of a “how-to…” between photos 6 & 7 is a big “magic happens,” aka “???”

  3. These are cool but yeah the aesthetics of these bikes depends on the specific lighter design – these appear to be an asian variant… not only that you can see some cutting and glueing has been going on… Would love to see more detailed instructions tho.

  4. This was floating around /b/ at least a year ago, /r/ might be able to help with the original infographic. I saved it at the time but the system it is on just suffered death via capacitor fatigue. If this is still a live topic by the time I get another MB sorted I’ll post.

  5. The pictures – and the design – aren’t his. I’ve seen them quite a while ago on what seemed to be the Chinese equivalent of Instructables.

  6. Aww, I wanted them to actually work too. It would be super cool if they ran on the butane in them.

    Still very cool though.

  7. Bored people create the most amazing things out of everyday items.

    At my elementary school, there was a meme/fad where people were taking apart ball point pens (the kind with a little spring- pushbutton on the end to make the writing part go in and out of the pen case) and reassembling them in a different order to create these little spring loaded “guns” that could shoot the pen guts alone, or with the addition of a snipped-off plastic shoelace end and a pin, a very effective and realistic looking “dart”.

    The whole thing could be reassembled back into something that still looked like a harmless pen, so we all thought we were James Bond with secret dart guns. Goofy, but fun.

    1. Yeah, we did that at my elementary school, too, circa 1979 or so. Oddly enough, I don’t remember any of us getting in trouble for it, either.

      I sometimes wonder how such things got started and propagated in those pre-internet days. Obviously some things (like camp songs or initiation rituals) were learned from the kids in the grade or two above you, and some others came from the New Kid who occasionally brought arcane knowledge from that distant exotic land whence he came, sometimes as far away as another state altogether.

      But memes (or fads or crazes, as they were known in those long-ago days) didn’t spread so far so fast back then, unless they were hot enough to warrant TV coverage. Like streaking or pet rocks. The slow word-of-mouth spread of those old fads seems quaint now, especially for those things that actually required visual instruction from a pal already in the know, like the aforementioned ballpoint guns, or the “naked guy washing himself” we used to do with our knuckles reflected in the underside of a stainless-steel spoon.

      I wonder if fads lasted longer back when they spread slower, and you didn’t run across six new memes every day.

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