Lady Gaga Kathy Griffin end-of-DADT fan homage art: "I Won't Tell if You Won't"


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  1. Gerry Hubert says:

    Paul Richmond is the Norman Rockwell of today’s gay America. With a style that’s both classical and campy, he creates some of the most unique and provocative work in the contemporary art world.

  2. brillow says:

    Except that DADT has not been repealed. The very short law (which no one read it seems), says It will be repealed 60 days after a “review” by the military. What this review is, how its being carried out, when it will be finished, all are unknown.

  3. nixiebunny says:

    I want the military aircraft flying over our town to make rainbow contrails!

  4. TenInchesTaller says:

    That’s so gay.

  5. jphilby says:

    Ahhhhhh. Make love, not war.

  6. Mister44 says:

    That’s just awful – but it gives me hope my doodles might someday get shown somewhere.

    I took a look at his other stuff – and he has one of Tammy Faye-Baker – fun fact: I met her and got her autograph. At a flea market opening.

    IIRC, she actually died in the town I lived in. I guess she had been living there the last years of her life.

    • mdh says:

      what an insulting jerk you were there. But that’s just my opinion, and your schtick.

      • mdh says:

        the “doodles” part, not the part where you state your opinion. I think the painting is pretty awesomely funny. and If ‘doodles’ is what you call your art, and I’ve misunderstood you, then good luck with the art. Art is awesome, debasing art (even your own) is sorta weak.

  7. oxrs says:

    This image offends me. NOBODY should be wearing tighty-whiteys.

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