Man shot in head, sneezes out bullet

On New Year's Eve, Darco Sangermano, 28, was hit in the head by a stray bullet fired during a celebration in Naples, Italy. While waiting to be seen by physicians, he sneezed out the bullet. From The Telegraph:
"The route of the bullet broke his temporal bone, near his temple, and this slowed down the bullet which grazed his eyeball without hitting it directly," Dr Guglielmo Ramieri told Gente magazine.

Surgeons operated on the eye, removing splinters of bone that the bullet left in its wake.

"The operation lasted several hours but he is fine," said Mr Sangermano's uncle, Vito Sangermano. "The doctors agree that he will not lose the use of his eye, even if for now his sight is blurry."

"Italian man shot in head sneezes out bullet"