Skull made of McDonald's fries

The truly amazing thing about this web-anonymous image of a skull made out of McDonald's fries is that it was sculpted using the skull of someone who died eating McD's frites as a reference. Seriously, though: anyone know the hot-fat-and-spuds virtuoso behind this Lincoln Log Noggin?

Behold, The McDonald's Skull of French Fries (via Geekologie)


  1. I don’t eat at McDonalds frequently enough to remember, but, to my eye, that cup and fry box look older. The Coke logo kind of makes me think that it might be.

    1. +1, Anon.

      Also, @Atrum – I think it has a lot to do with the oil they fry them in, which I think a lot of fast food places have made healthier. They also tend to be doused in salt. But delicious, I will admit.

  2. How can people eat this stuff!! It’s a skull!! Do you think normal fries are a skull! What kind of horrible chemicals are they putting into their fries to turn them into skulls!?!?!?

  3. While we’re on the subject of fries, I’ve always wondered: are all fries ridiculously unhealthy, or is it just something about the way McDonald’s and other big fast-food places make them?

  4. I’m going to guess super glue? The fries look semi “fresh” not all shriveled up pieces. Seems like the picture is a few years old but this is the first time I’ve ever come across it.

  5. If you watched Supersize me additional content on the CD, you’d see that McD’s fries never age.

    1. I took a “Geography of Human Survival” course in college in the early 80’s. Our professor suggested leaving our leftover McD’s fries under our car seats because if we ever found ourself snowbound in the car, we could survive on them since they virtually NEVER decompose.

  6. the even more amazing thing is this was apparently done while sitting at a Mcdonald’s restaurant

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