Neurobiology of zombies and other movie science, coming soon to a theater near you


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  1. Cochituate says:

    A bunch of us in Southern New England, about 35 years ago packed a picnic lunch and went to a screening of Nigh of the Living Dead. We sat in the front, and passed sticks of bread, and hard salamis and cheeses and that sort of thing, and it horrified the folks around us to the point that they complained about it to management. Two ushers came out and laughed at what we were doing and left us alone, after we’d shared some of our goodies with them. I have no memory of what the movie was like; that was the only time I’ve ever seen it.

  2. Cochituate says:

    May I suggest pairing Alton Brown and Eat Drink Man Woman? I loved that movie.

    • petroleum says:

      Your NotLD story is cool, but you should do yourself a favor and watch the film. It’s very, very good — plus, you’ll have the nostalgia factory.

      The Alton Brown suggestion is a fantastic one! They could run a series showing Like Water for Chocolate, The Age of Innocence, Cilantro y Perejil, just to name a few.

  3. davejenk1ns says:

    I would pay a lot of money to attend a lecture from a NASA scientist on current space station tech and then watch “2001: A Space Odyssey” with the commentary on where we might be going with tech.

  4. lectroid says:

    May I suggest a lecture on relativistic physics prior to ‘Primer’, a short course on gene therapy and cloning paired with ‘Splice’, and guest-lecturer Oliver Sacks to accompany a screening of Memento.

    I wonder if pairing up numerical methods with ‘Pi’ would make the film more or less understandable?

    • petroleum says:

      Short of Adrien Brody fighting a wave of Nazi Predators with a mechanized-military-grade battle piano, I don’t think there is anything that could make me watch Splice again. Well, that or a halloween party with friends. Same difference.

  5. sickstep says:

    This is excellent! Science On Screen has always been great.

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