Sweet little rotoscoped/timelapse video about a homecoming to Austin

Arthur sez, "This video is what I felt like when I moved to Austin, home at last. I stop motion animated my brother in law for three weeks and then rotoscoped him and added in animation through Flash. I used some time-lapse photography at the end as well. Ben from Radical Face was cool enough to give me his blessing in using his song 'Welcome Home' for it."

Stop Motion Animated film with Radical Face Music


  1. I felt kind of uncomfortable when he showed the tower on UT’s campus with the “Duck Hunt” ducks flying around… I expected a gun to show up and shoot at the tower, which has a sad history (Charles Whitman / UT Tower shootings)

    It was a neat video though, and Austin is a very homely place.

  2. What a lovely video. Going home is a magical feeling, never been to Austin but perhaps I should pay a visit. :) Also the entire title of the song is “welcome home, son”

    1. “Welcome Home, Son” is a common misconception, but it’s just “Welcome Home”. It’s that way on Ghost and the official site and errthang.

  3. Austin’s a great town – coming back after years away felt like this to me too. Things seemed to zoom by faster than they did when I left… but it doesn’t take long to find a quiet spot and reconnect with the city.

  4. I miss Austin myself, but North/South Mopac and North Capital of Texas Highway are some sucky (i.e. very long) roads to walk down. Hop on the bus, dude, and tell that homeless guy to shove over!

  5. Beautiful – This made me miss my 1st day in Austin. Been here 3 years, will miss it terribly when I leave.

  6. I always enjoyed the time I spent in Austin. Zilker Park is the best in town natural spring water swimming pool (even if it cost a couple bucks) Sixth street night clubs rocked with live music every weekend. Ecology minded residents & true conservative that care more about nature than the bottom line. I hope progress does not destroyed the essence and the beauty that is Austin
    Awesome song, great video.

  7. I couldn’t hack it there, I need mountains or at least the ocean. Give me Boulder CO or Portland OR.

    Boston MA is a nice comprimise in the meantime.

  8. We used to live in Austin, but moved away in 2001 when the dot com thing fell apart. Last year we went back for a visit, taking our kids who were born after we left. Zilker Park melted their faces.

    Sometimes my son asks when we can move to Austin.

  9. Sorry everyone, but Austin is now closed. It was a great run but it’s over, thanks to all the idiots that moved here based on press/stories like this. Move to Portland OR instead. … oh, and it’s not a “homecoming” if you never lived there before

  10. What a great piece! I love Austin, too, and wish I could visit more often.

    Now I’m hungry for breakfast at The Magnolia Cafe!

      1. Rudy’s BBQ for great eats (mmm, make mine juicy), and Stubb’s for good eats followed by good shows.

    1. If you don’t talk about it less of these people will go there ok? What happened to Bouldin was bad enough.

      And like johnocomedy said, I’m fine with people moving in, it’s just that somewhere around the new millennium everyone coming here LIVED like perpetual visitors, willing to reap others’ “laid back” attitude without actually adopting any of the traits that made Austin a great place to be. It’s becoming a city of Los Angelenos and all the local government wants to do is set up nests for the young and wealthy from there…The best thing that could happen to Austin is some terrible press, but I’d be happily satisfied if all those food trucks on S. Congress shut down and Southpark Meadows turned back into just that!

  11. I’d never heard of Radical Face, but within about 3 seconds I was convinced that this song was done by Electric President in disguise.

    Turns out they’re on the same label and share member Alex Kane. ( http://www.radicalface.com/electricpresident.html )

    I must’ve listened to Electric President’s 2006 self titled concept album nearly a hundred times. Nearly every time I’d notice something that I hadn’t noticed before.

    1. I believe you mean Ben Cooper… Alex is only in EP.

      and yes, they are very similar. RF tends to be more folk-y, but it’s just as wonderful IMHO.

      1. born in Austin 1959. We welcome all who respect Texas and our way of life. Take a walk through the new 2nd st. district. From the people to the businesses, they act, and it looks, more like L.A. than Austin.

  12. Anyone who says “don’t move to Austin” needs to follow that with the year that they moved here.

    Native Austinites (a rare beast under 40 years old) who say that need to remember that this is Texas and we welcome all. “Tejas” = “friends”

  13. Sorry, I watched half of it and enjoyed the music a LOT but the cuts were too short/jerky for my brain to focus on what I was seeing.

    …former Austin resident from 94-98 who then moved to SF. That felt like the opposite of what people were doing at the time. *shrug*

  14. ’82-2000 and I still miss it refer to it as home. but? the heat? i’m fat and old JohnoComedy? Lauren’s husband? Skinny? maybe?

    yeah, it’s been a while since I was home

  15. I only lived in Austin for a little over three months while my ex-husband did a research project there, but I still miss the city. This video also kind of makes me regret all the Austin experiences I skipped out on because I was too wrapped up in working to pay attention.

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