Make magazine PDFs on sale today-Sunday for $5.99


Today only, all 24 volumes of MAKE are for sale in ebook format for $5.99 each. Ebooks from are DRM-free. You get free lifetime access, and free updates. Offer good Friday-Sunday. Use discount code DDMAK in the shopping cart.

$5.99 Exclusive Ebook Deal of the Day: Make Magazine


  1. I’d buy these in an instant (and probably be willing to pay much more for them) if they were crisp/clear/digital files.. instead of obvious scans. Really wish MAKE had some kind of neato/slick iPad app. I’d pay for that too.

    1. They are crisp clear digital files — not scanned, but make from InDesign. And the deal goes on all weekend, MelSkunk.

  2. Mad magazine readers will recall that the devices used in Spy vs. Spy often had surprising and unintended results. This book itself may be a clever counter-espionage device. Anything associated with Spy vs.Spy should be approached with the most cynical and paranoid mindset possible.

  3. Actually, there is a standard deal of buy 1 eBook, get 1 free with code MBRBG that is a better deal (i.e. $4.99 per) if you buy an even number of eBooks, including Make PDFs. Just re-tested it, definitely works.

  4. They do seem intriguing. But without a free copy/sample content, I can’t really get my head around if it’s something that’d be right for me (i.e. whether it’d be too clever for me).

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