Sarah Palin Breathing Wall of Nightmares

BEHOLD: The Sarah Palin Breathing Wall of Nightmares. Here's a bonus nightmare.


  1. I can only imagine how many RW men (some women too maybe?) are going to save that for 3 a.m., in their mother’s basements, with a box of tissue or a sock … EWWWW

  2. A friend of mine had a very creepy nightmare about being in a dark wet cave where the walls were all licking whispering lips.

    He finally has his soundtrack recording.

  3. I dare say, Sarah Palin is starting to become quite palatable. must…. not…. watch…. again….

  4. At least on a visual level, it would be a great deal more… disconcerting (?) … if not for the pop-up adds. Rather breaks the immersion. Mind you, I didn’t stick around for the full audio effect – value my time too highly I’m afraid.

  5. Ummm, how about instead of being the driving force, you become the damping force? Otherwise this dehumanizing oscillation will never end. If you really gotta get your guffaws, then you should make a members-only forum like other sites do, where people can share their inner degenerate. Or hey, YTMND!, right?!?!?!11?1 I’m not being dour, it’s just I like coming to BB cuz it’s not the same internet that I wasted my teenage years on. It stimulates growth, and wonder, and actual thought and involvement and not cursory “mehs”. There’s poking fun, and then there’s a serious meanstreak.

  6. Why am I thinking of Ozymandias/Veidt sitting in front of his bank of monitors at the end of Watchmen? I really don’t know what’s worse, a multitude of Nixons or a passel of Palins.

    1. I believe Palins come in a plethora.

      But the trophy must go to #23. I fell off my stool and broke my hip.

  7. What’s with the weird lip smacking? I noticed it the first time I watched her crazy ass video. Is it an effect of botox or lip collagen injections? Or poorly fitting dentures? Did Martha Raye, denture wearer and condom user, take all of the Polident with her to her grave?

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