Video of a walk in Maple Creek Park

A Boing Boing reader claims the Frank L. Sharp's video about Maple Creek Park is much better than the Neature Walk video. I agree! Don't miss good-natured Frank's other videos.

Maple Creek Park.wmv


  1. I just got done watching four episodes of The Kids in the Hall for nostalgic purposes. This created far more belly laughs. Thanks.

  2. Now another reader posts a comment. This is a nice place to post comments. There’s another one, just below.

    1. That was a really nice comment. If you get hungry after commenting, there’s a good waffle house just up the road.

  3. The most brilliant thing about the 2 videos of Frank’s (this one and the Bethesda Park 2) that I have watched (so far) is the “hiking advice” that appears at the end. He first counsels viewers that who might have any health issues the trail will be fine for them – either because there are benches at regular intervals, or because the terrain is flat.

    And then he proceeds to recommend that they eat at a nearby Waffle House or Italian pizza joint if they get hungry.

  4. Oh good grief – I’ve been there. My mom used to live in Dacula. It is a really cute little neighborhood park.

  5. Having recently watched some of Marble Hornets, I’ll admit that I kept wondering when Slenderman would pop out.

    Gotta check out that waffle house though.

  6. Frank’s pen is so big he has to wear it sideways.

    Frank needs to take his video to the Boring Conference in London next year. Too bad he missed the recent contest, which was held on December 11. He could explore the website here for hours and ascertain which of next year’s three session would best suit his busy timetable.

  7. Uncertain as to why I’m smiling… but after viewing the video and reading the comments, smiling I am.

  8. oh fuck I love America.. There is a place called Niceville in western Florida also.. You really do have an amazing and diverse culture.

  9. have you ever noticed in the less than wild world of 2D, that up and down needs to be vocalised during frontal elevation.. hmmm??

  10. Did any one catch the correlation between the first two signs shown in the video? Frank is warning us not to go to the park after dark because Dacula walks this trail at night!

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