3D printer for doll faces

Alice at Wonderlandblog has found a specialized 3D printer that produces high-resolution,full-color images of peoples' faces that are intended to be stitched onto plush dolls.

3D facemaking machine for dolls


    1. Yeah I was trying to come up with a way to say it… I’m picturing these as survivors rescued from flash floods in the uncanny valley.

      I mean that in the best way. I feel right at home in the uncanny valley, having grown up in Cincinnati and worked in LA.

  1. One thing I’m not clear on here… when you say “3D printer,” are you talking about a printer that actually creates 3D face objects, or is this a printer that prints the faces ON already existing face objects?

  2. Not actually a “3D-printer” as it seems to print a 2D image onto a generic pre-embossed patch.

    It’s a way cool product all the same, but as real 3D-thingumagigs are becoming more and more commonplace, there is an increasing need to tidy up the language and nail down some definitions and terminology in order to aviod this kind of confusion.
    Anybody wanna pick up that gauntlet?

    1. It looks like it might be a thermoformer, not an actual printer (2-D or 3-D). No more complicated than a hairdryer. It heats up existing pictures and forms them over the face mold shown (distorting the face too!). Printing can probably be done on a regular photo printer using special plastic paper.

  3. It has one plus…for years I could not find “AmerIndian” dolls for my baby girls (we are Jicarilla Apache). They are grown now, but my grandchildren will have their dolls.

  4. My best friend and I traded one of these. It was simply too kitchy and creepy to pass up. They have them in malls all over Asia. It’s not at all a 3D printed face (unless the technology has changed–but it seems exactly the same) but rather a 2D image printed on a plastic that gets molded vaguely into a face shape.

  5. The only thing more horrifying that these things is the likelihood that someone, somewhere, is going to be turned on by them.

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