Owl, drunk on schnapps, detained and given water by police 'til it sobers up

"An owl that had evidently drunk too much Schnapps from two discarded bottles was so inebriated that it got picked up by police. The bird will be released once it has sobered up." (Der Spiegel, via Jen Phillips)


  1. I can be quite the night owl myself. Have to say though, I’ve never been extended the same courtesy under similar circumstances.

  2. And in other news: Polizei warnt vor Sexpuppen als Schwimmhilfe.
    Eine Autofahrerin kollidiert mit einem Industriestaubsauger – und hält ihn für einen Roboter.

    Sounds so highly unlikely…
    Cops find a drowsy bird on the side of the road, refusing to apply Occam’s Razor to this case of an aviary traffic collision victim, they link it to the little bottles of Jaegermeister, Underberg, or Kuemmerling you can always find in the grass strip on the side of central european highways.
    Sort of like the beer bottles and cans every bicyclist sees on American highway embankments. (not in Germany so much – redemption value!)
    Oh, and one also finds dead owls there. You see, unlike many birds, owls aren’t the least bit interested in sugary fermented stuff.
    Rodents are.
    Do I need to explain further?
    Like, how wide areas with mowed grass and flat surfaces provide little cover for rats and good hunting grounds for birds of prey?
    Any driver here that hasn’t had a near collision with a strigiform?
    Reason, apply it generously!

    =] I’m certainly not one to biatch about the posts on a free to read blog. ‘Just saying, this is not news, this is the perfect FARK submission.
    I could stand more Palin horror instead.

      1. Dearest mdh, sweetness, I read that very short article in both available languages.
        Are you having a moment of bad reading comprehension?

  3. But strangely, Fark says: Holy jumpin’ Jesus! Things are all farked up! Bad kitty!!

    * This link was already submitted (by someone else) on 2011-01-18 12:29:59 (US/Eastern Time) … and was not listed

  4. Give a hoot!!! Don’t pollute!!!

    Excepts for the kind person who threw out Schnapps. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  5. Also, I hear this is how the cop knew the owl was drunk.
    Owl: How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?
    Cop: I don’t know.
    Owl: *leans over and kisses cop on cheek*
    Owl: I love you man!
    Owl: *vomits mouse ball onto cops shoes*
    Cop: Okay, you had enough. Time to go!

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