Tron: Ancestry T-Shirt

Ancestry.jpeg This lovely T-shirt design by Spiritgreen is on sale today at Woot. [via Laughing Squid]


  1. I was just about to buy it. Then I realised that, if it’s a Penny Farthing, then he’s peddling the wrong wheel. Abort!

    1. Indeed – it took me a moment to figure out what was wrong with that picture. He needs to be waaay up over the front wheel.

      That thing would be safer than a safety bicycle…

  2. I was all set to click to order over at WOOT.

    Then I read the accompanying entry below it. How absolutely insulting. You’ve got to have some incredible set of brass ones to sell something relating to a film that people like me enjoyed, and then go on to blast the film and essentially relegate it’s fans to drooling idiots.

    Order cancelled. What unbelievable jerks.

  3. Um, it’s Steampunk. Steampunk needs historical accuracy like a goldfish needs an airship. I’m just pleased to be ahead of Rob, as I already have my T-shirt.

  4. Uh guys (and gals), I don’t believe he is pedaling anything. The principle of a light cycle is that it’s built of “light” – no physical force necessary for locomotion (and perhaps not even for direction). However, from a historical perspective, the designer could have made him pedal the larger wheel.

  5. To the poster who was insulted by the write up:

    The write up is written by the staff at woot and is not necessarily the opinion of the artist.

    Generally speaking woot’s write ups are snarky and/or filled with dark humor. Also the artists are often lambasted in the bio information.

    I found out about woot via boingboing about a year and a half ago. They are a great source for discount gear and great original shirts. Check out their reckoning section for their full catalog of shirts.

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