Wikileaks not really all that damaging, say US officials privately

"I think they just want to present the toughest front they can muster. We were told (the impact of WikiLeaks revelations) was embarrassing but not damaging." —One of two congressional officials briefed on internal U.S. government reviews of the mass leak of diplomatic cables. (Reuters)


  1. Sure, they say that now, but what about the UFO stuff?

    But to be serious, wouldn’t the “radical transparency” cause be better served by releasing information to many outlets? What purpose does wikileaks serve as a gatekeeper, since they are holding back so much information and playing games with hints about quid-pro-quo with threatened/threatening wrongdoers?

    Were I more skeptical, at this point I’d be starting to think it’s a honey-trap.

  2. Seems like one of the big takeaways from Cablegate has been how un-secret a lot of these SECRET documents were.
    Whether it’s bureaucratic inertia or ass-covering, it looks like diplomatic staff have just habitually red-stamped anything and everything they wrote, which then required everyone down to army privates to get “you could go to jail” clearance just to read their emails.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if this situation led to governments actually being more open when they could afford to be, instead of just passing more laws to restrict what their staff can tell us?

  3. But… but… this doesn’t fit many people’s predetermined shrill agenda on Wikileaks and Assange.

    Whatever will they do? Oh, that’s right… there’s no getting between these people and their predetermined beliefs… so.. business as usual, I’m sure. Ever admitting they are wrong about anything would simply make their heads explode, I suppose.

  4. Ah, the Government is finally changing tack in how it responds. I wonder how they are going to marry this ‘no big deal’ response with their existing ‘kill Manning, kill Assange, salt the fields where they came from’ approach?

  5. I kinda figured it was no big deal. Most of it wasn’t very secret, and a lot of what I saw was stuff I’d heard rumoured already. It’s like a known philanderer actually getting photographed for once. Everybody makes a bit of noise, but goes back to not caring pretty soon.

  6. As always, the super-hip subset of boingboing readers already knew everything released in every cable, before it was the cool thing to know.

    Old meme, Assange!

    Hey, did anyone realize that you can’t spell ‘Assange’ without ‘ass’? rofl!

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