Zero-gravity space kittehs: then and now

Xeni wisely didn't bring a cat into zero gravity during her trip. Other videos indicate cats don't appreciate it. Apparently, feline veterans of the early days of subjecting cats to zero gravity had it easier than zero-gravity NASAcat in the 80's, who gets tossed and spun like, well... like a cat in a vomit comet. NASA video link. Excerpt link. Full Air Force video link. (

UPDATE: I forgot the NOW kitteh! (Video link).


  1. It’s cute until one of the astronauts (?) treats the orange cat like a hackysack. NOT COOL, NASA. HANDS OFF OUR KITTEHS

  2. Those poor kitties.. It’s painfully hilarious. The government has done far worse to animals and people, this is pretty funny and cute in comparison to Tuskegee.

  3. I love the one on the far right near the end. I canz walk on teh wall?

    It goes strutting right up to the ceiling. Seems very pleased with itself.

  4. Hooray! You finally got the message to put up a kitteh post.

    How about some skydiving babies? Boogie Pimps do Somebody to Love:

  5. Funny, it seemed to me that the cats were doing an admirable job of adapting to zero G by using their rotational ability to orient on the closest grabbable surface as if it was the ground, and migrate quickly towards it.

  6. I find myself curious to see what the effect of pointig a fan at the cats would be. Somebody once said that weightlesnes doesn’t feel like floating, it feels like falling, because that’s what you’re doing. So the question is, do the cats orient themselves in the direction that they’re falling visually, or by feeling the air on their fur. So seeing the effect of a fan, or moving a flat object toward them would be interesting.

    1. oooh, i like the way you’re thinking… would be difficult to see/arrange properly in the 30 or so secs these parableflights last, but well done!

  7. What with the recent posts about Cusack as Poe, I keep thinking about “The Unparalleled Adventures of One Hans Pfaal” and the kittens born in space…

  8. Just watched the full video. Letting the pigeons and the cats go at the same time might have been…interesting.

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