Cat Flag


Created by Art Yucko, requested by A Bloody Mess.

(Via BB reader Jack, via Submitterator. Thanks, Tara McGinley)


    1. Super sorry to have missed that, I will update the post now. I usually check Submitterator first thing every day and throughout, and didn’t in my daily rounds today.

  1. Hey folks, tried posting URLs here but my posts are not showing up; URL spam catching? So here is the 411. I posted this last night to the Submitterator with the URL for the source. Go and look under “Weird” in the Submitterator and look for “Cat Flag”

  2. Client: I need a font that’s really, really, really, like… “hardcore.” Do you know any fonts like that?

    Me: Yes. Yes, I do. I know *exactly* the font you need.

    Friz Quadrata SB-Bold.

  3. You know, with the cats just rendered in outline, and their eyes as cutouts, this would make a great t-shirt.

    1. LOL, the urge to yell out “SIX CATS!” at my cubicle desk is strong, maybe I’ll just continue quietly laughing

  4. An odd pairing of two disparate favorites of mine, Black Flag and cats, that seems to work so well. I feel I have reached some lofty nexus here. I need to go outside.

  5. After having an evil, EVIL, piss on your head bitchez (literally), kitteh, I am no longer a fan of kittehs. AND, Henry Rollins gets on my feminist noives.

    However, Black Flag, I love regardless. Therefore, CAT FLAG rocks!

  6. Excellent!

    However, I worry that someone will quickly keep morphin’ that idea even more and then well have to see and added initial S and fitting imagery. Yuck! Could work as a crust punk band name though.

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