Boing Boing mention in promo for IFC's Portlandia

[Video Link] At 0:38, a Boing Boing namecheck. Thanks, Portlandia, we love you already! The new show co-created/written/starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein will debut tonight, January 21, on IFC. (thanks, Joe Sabia!)


    1. Yeah, it’s just a promo, I think not culled from an ep. It looks funny, the BB mention aside. I can’t wait to watch it.

  1. The first episode was on YouTube for a while yesterday. I was able to watch most of it (up until the end of the Adult Hide and Seek Club sketch) before the video got pulled. (Well, made “private.”)

    It was pretty damn funny. I can’t say as I’ve met many people actually “like that” in Portland, but it is really cool seeing the sketches transpire on recognizably Portland streets and venues.

    Portland strikes me as more laid back and mellow than weird. The weird is kind of like a symbiotic life form made possible by the mellow.

    If Portlandia doesn’t do something with food carts I’ll be deeply disappointed.

    1. I’ve been here in Portland for about eight years. A few months ago a friend from college moved up here and I informed her that to fit in in Portland she’ll need to find an interest that she takes WAY too seriously and is a bit pretentious about. It could be bikes, food (especially if it’s a subset of food), art, sustainability, burning man, wine, locally distilled spirits, etc. This show exaggerates Portland characters, but it is SPOT on the general culture.

      1. “an interest that she takes WAY too seriously and is a bit pretentious about”

        Well, sure, that’s why I live in Hillsboro. So much pressure living downtown . . .

  2. I <3 Carrie Brownstein and Portland is awesome! (however a gloomy for someone who's prone to SAD)... this is a must watch for me.

  3. As a Portlander, I can attest that the ending of this sketch would never happen in our fair city.

    Drivers would break about half a block before if there were pedestrians anywhere in site, jaywalking or not.

    Then they would passive-aggressively wave you on while you passive-aggressively wave them on for five minutes in a seemingly eternal battle for who is the most polite.

    That is unless it were a city bus instead of a Subaru in which case it would mow you down, crosswalk or not.

    1. “That is unless it were a city bus instead of a Subaru in which case it would mow you down, crosswalk or not.”

      Or a bicyclist. No kidding.

      Also, yeah, it wasn’t in the Hulu version of the first episode this week. I’m guessing it’ll be a later episode. There’s only 6? That’s not nearly enough to get all the bridges in. :)

  4. I <3 Carrie Brownstein and Portland is awesome! (however a gloomy for someone who's prone to SAD)... this is a must watch for me.

  5. I live in Portland (12 years now) & watched the first episode while it was up on Hulu. It’s very funny, & pretty spot-on satire of Portland hipster culture. That scene with the chicken especially, I’ve seriously sat at the table in restaurants with people having that conversation nearly word for word with the wait staff.

  6. I wonder if all the trendy mags and blogs they name-checked will also feature the promo. Very clever publicity work.

    It worked. I’ll probably watch the episode on Hulu.

  7. The show looks like it’s going to be good, but I think it’ll have a short life. If it’s going to succeed, it’ll have to appeal to a less sophisticated audience; one of the reasons that It’s Always Sunny is popular (?) is that it has enough fart jokes, racist remarks and blue comedy mixed in to make it appealing to everyone.

  8. Oh, it’s been taken down from hulu. The entire first episode was up for about a week up until yesterday.

  9. I can tell this is fake because in real Portland the cars would stop and the passengers would smile and wave at you when you’re jaywalking.

  10. I sat next to Fred Armisen on the subway a couple of weeks ago. I should have asked him if he read my comic in Boing Boing.

    But he probably would have said, “I did not like the end of it.”

  11. I love this show. There is some “improvy” roughness around the edges, but you really never see too many folks poke fun at a lot of the topics they touch on.

    And the end of this particular sketch is perfect!

  12. “an interest that she takes WAY too seriously and is a bit pretentious about”

    Wait a minute . . . last month I made eight batches — about 30 pounds — of fudge. Creme de menthe, rocky road (with candied walnuts), and mocha-hazelnut (with, yes, locally grown hazelnuts). I probably spent $200 on ingredients and obsessively photographed the process.

    So, yeah, I guess it’s catching.

    1. Ha! It looks like you’re ready to move into the city core. I bit of a foodie, so maybe inner SE? Did you use raw milk for the fudge? If not you may need some more time before you’re fully ready. :)

      1. Well, it wasn’t raw, or even organic, but most of the fudge was made with condensed milk that came from Vietnam or something. Strange cans with an old Asian sage on the label.

  13. i agree that the end is unreal. the car would have stopped and let them cross unharmed. they they would have been shot by the police.

  14. I don’t think I like this show at all. I live in Portland and I feel about my town like one feels about a younger sibling. I’m allowed to make fun of it but nobody else is.

    1. Cars would have stopped and got rear-ended by other cars- and Brownstein/Armisen would have been oblivious…

  15. IF they were really in Portland and IF they were hipsters, the Eugene Weekly would also be in the list of what was read. And yes, they would not have been run over, maybe tapped but cars are very aware of peds in Portland in that part of town.

  16. Pretty cool that BB got a shout out! Then I watched the rest of the promo and decided this show is altogether annoying. Then I read the comments and since this clip is NOT in the series, maybe it deserves one more chance.

  17. go fred! Watched last night and I haven’t been this delighted by a show in a long time. Good times.

    Makes me want to move to Portland(ia) so I can relive my 90’s late youth early adulthood.

  18. All the hot girls wear glasses in Portland!
    Oh how I miss thee PDX
    I loved the pilot, my wife cringed.
    I doubt the show will stay on the air for more than a season, too many inside jokes..

    “Remember when people were content to be unambitous, sleep to 11, just hang out with their friends; when you had no occupations whatsoever; maybe working a couple of hours a week at a coffee shop.”

    “Right, I thought that died out a long time ago.”

    “Not in Portland. Portland is a city where young people go to retire.”

    “It’s like Portland’s almost alternative universe. It’s like Gore won. The Bush administration never happened. Portland, it’s almost like cars don’t exist. They ride bikes, double decker bikes. They ride unicycles. They ride the tram. They ride skateboards.”

    All the hot girls wear glasses … Tattoo ink never runs dry … Portland, you can put a bird on something and call it art.

  19. Sorry, it fell apart at the end – no car in Portland would have been going fast enough to hurt anyone.

  20. Time for some serious myth busting. Posts: #7, #14, #20, #22, #24, #32 and most likely many more. Motorists in Portland are just as arrogant as they are in the rest of the world. More than fifty pedestrians have been struck down and killed by motorists in the last couple years. Motorists are too lazy to walk and too stupid to read a Tri-Met schedule. And speaking of too lazy and stupid; if you are going to post on BB can you come up with something that is more clever than anon? And remember it’s “Keep Austin Wierd, Keep Portland Beered”.

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