Crazy Contraband: photo gallery of weird confiscated stuff, including drugs and critters


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anyone with inside information care to clue us in on how some of these really clever ones are discovered? Besides informants, and rigorous inspection, the really crafty cases are presumably only a drop in the ocean of what gets through.

  2. bfarn says:

    Jonw: whisky. It generally makes me think I look great!

  3. Anonymous says:

    @qatarperegrine: aubergine means eggplant in french.

  4. Lobster says:

    I always knew the animal smuggling was terrible. Then I learned that many of the smugglers have no idea what they’re doing and many of the animals don’t live long enough to be sold. That’s beyond greed.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      I had a friend who grew up in Miami. Used to go dumpster diving. Until the day that he landed in the dumpster full of dead monkeys.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I actually used to live in Fontana, can’t recall ever seeing any statues shaped like donkeys though.

  6. AT203 says:

    One of my favorites is bricks of heroin hidden inside of bricks of cocaine.

  7. Mister44 says:

    Hey – it’s Ebeneezer Goode!

  8. Anonymous says:

    If I had come up with the idea of holding drugs within a door, I would think I would get away with it scot-free.

  9. Forteto says:

    I gotta say, that lizard in a book is pretty darn clever. Would make a awesome terrarium, a giant book, with a lizard in the middle.

  10. urbanhick says:

    wouldn’t that be Mr. PotatoEhead?

  11. ben says:

    Apparently image enhancing drugs are for realz.

    That man has some hella hairy legs.

    And, I really want me a ZOLL patch…because its awesome. Bow to your dragon/eagle master, the almighty ZOLL!

  12. IsoTop says:

    The plan to label the steroids Gay Lube Oil to distract the custom officers by making them rofl during inspections backfired.

  13. costeau says:

    Mr. Potato Head isn’t completely undated.

    As Australian Customs and Border Protection Service published the finding and related images on the 4th of October 2007, I’d be willing to make an educated guess that he was seized a few weeks or months prior to that, given that the Australian Federal Police has had some time to investigate the matter.

  14. qatarperegrine says:

    I remember the guy with the pigeons strapped to his legs; news stories said he was also carrying an undisclosed aubergine. I resolved that, if I ever have a rock band, it will be called Undisclosed Aubergine.

  15. Pantograph says:

    Yo dog! We heard you like smuggling so we strapped drug smuggling pigeons to your legs so you can smuggle while you smuggle!

  16. SonOfSamSeaborn says:

    This wins.

  17. Waltb555 says:

    What in the world is an “image enhancing drug”?

    • Vnend says:

      Steroids. Take enough of them and your testes shrink, so you look more streamlined in your speedo. Or you just want to show off more muscle, and don’t really care about being stronger.

  18. malek says:

    First time to know how Customs business can be so interesting!
    Compare it with Bahrain customs

  19. Saxtor says:

    The DEA used to provide a handy monthly publication just like this, The Microgram Bulletin. In January of 2010, they took all the fun stuff, the pictures of crafty drug seizures, fake and novel drugs, etc. out and moved that material behind a law enforcement-only private server. But the old stuff, which is still available at the link, is really interesting, and makes for great browsing.

  20. jonw says:

    What is an image enhancing drug?

  21. Anonymous says:

    An “image enhancing drug” makes your Tweets more interesting, and boosts your Klout score.

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