iggymoticon.jpg From the Can-You-Tell-It's-Friday Dept.: Maureen O'Connor at Gawker noticed that Iggy Pop's torso kinda looks like a face. I happen to agree, and to prove it, I headswapped it onto Sarah Palin, Sad Don Draper, and Iggy himself. Other LOLiggy possibilities included Joe Lieberman and Admiral Ackbar, both of whom have a striking resemblance to his torso. As a connoisseur of torsos that look like faces, I can say with absolute certainty that no torso-face lookalike has ever topped this NSFW Homer Simpson ladytorso lookalike.


  1. That’d have to be the man’s soul.

    Snuck into the Orpheum in Boston to see Iggy 100 yrs ago; got onto the catwalk above the stage and watched from there. At one point he was howling at the moon, saw us and got this maniacal grin on his face.

    Tread carefully here. The man is a god.

  2. Dear Weeping Jesus on the Cross, Andrea!
    That Homer Simpson link will haunt me right through to the ‘ol nursing home.
    Thanks for the huge laugh :)

  3. I agree with gths, that is soooooo Earthworm Jim! Pretty funny considering Iggy’s given name is “James”.

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