Scientific research vessel witnesses whale threesome

I think you should read this post by blogger Scicurious about a whale menage a trois. Two male whales. One female whale. Their sexual exploits documented in peer-reviewed research. Naturally, there are photos. One of which is not safe for work. The other will be not safe for work once you know what you're looking at. Have a good weekend. The whales certainly are.


  1. Would those be Hump(ing)backs or Sperm Whales? They sound as horny as a couple of Narwhals. I hope everybody got to finish- Blue (whale) balls are a bitch.

  2. And then of course is the after sex (at least with CA Grey Whales) where when copulation is done, the males like to surface on their back and flop their wangs around announcing to the world “Hey! I just got laid!”

    (which I only learned when I was 13 and had to invite a speaker to come give a talk to my Boy Scout troop. So I invited a local marine biologist. I have no idea why he thought it was a good idea to tell a group of young boys all about whale penis. Watching the reactions of the adults present was a treat)

  3. I’m now suing BB for instilling new & unnatural fetishes in me. See you in court…if I can ever tear my eyes away from “it’s only about” 1 meter-long whale c*ck.

  4. This reminds me of Apparently dolphin ejaculate has been clocked at about 12 mph….according to the internet, that is.

  5. psh. This was bland in terms of animal penis terror.

    Those duck penis videos where it’s all long and like a corkscrew are more frightening than a meter long jelly dong.

  6. Just one ton?

    Everyone knows Stephen Colbert has the biggest balls in the animal kingdom.

    It’s science.

  7. Cetacean threesomes are not unusually — usually with the help of a cooperative “bracer” since they don’t have hands to hold on with.

    They’ve also got really large brains, so surprising researchers with unexpected and practical behaviors….

  8. “Sexual exploits documented in peer reviewed research”

    Does that mean the whales are reviewing each other?

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