Hand-made R2D2 wood-burner on eBay

This mad, hand-beaten R2D2 wood-burner was adapted from a gas bottle and shined to a high gloss. He's on sale on eBay, with three days to go. Seller is in Cambridgeshire, England.
one off hand made from recycled gas bottle mesh grate has small holes to keep a good bottom in the fire, he is 28" tall and 13" round, 20" wide at the feet, he has air intake on the back, ash pan on the inside for empting ashes, 4" flue, he as took 42 hours to complete, dont think you would find another like it, or prob see another one like it, i havent sprayed this one in high temp paint, because i think it looks much better as steel, he as been sprayed with wd40 to stop him rusting, i will leave it to the winning bidder if they want to paint him,


  1. So, um, it’s WEPP certified?

    And does the buyer know that, with the burner being single wall gas bottle, you definitely can’t use it indoors, it’ll be a garden chiminea only, at least a few metres of combustible material?

    Still, it’s impressive. A lot of work.

  2. And that wd-40 won’t all smoke right off the first time it’s fired up… Clever little sculpture, but useless (if not downright dangerous) for it’s suggested purpose.

  3. Soooo…how long until LucasFilms shuts this down? Can a guy profit from a likeness of R2D2 on EBay w/o Big Bro George Lucas swooping into the picture?

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