Glow in the dark striptease necktie

From the Oct, 1947 Popular Science, an ad for a glow-in-the-dark "strip tease" necktie whose "glorious, gleaming blonde beauty" is chastely clothed in a formal gown by day, but who reveals herself to be an eerily glowing bathing beauty in a beefy one-piece suit when the darkness is summoned. My grandfather -- who had a rec-room bar with novelty bottles and hula-dancer tumblers that turned into (anatomically incorrect) naked ladies when filled with cold liquids and shelf after shelf of his bowling trophies -- would have loved this. He may have owned one, in fact.

Calling all Men... STRIP-TEASE NECKTIE That Glows in the Dark (Oct, 1947)


  1. surely these were mass-produced, so there must have been many, at the very least, in boxes in some dusty warehouse. why are they not easily found now?? WANT.

  2. …. and wouldn’t you just want a guy who wears that tie as your friend?
    Though he may be fapping continually on crystal meth, he IS hetero.


  3. I clicked, thinking it was a glow-in-the-dark necktie FOR strippers. But I guess that could be any necktie, really.

  4. “By day”…lol… along with the xray eye glasses’ and U are a fashion marvel.
    thanks for the blast from the past.

  5. This calls to mind that fashion icon, the Mullet: “Business in the front and the party’s out back.”

    A caveat. In the early ’80s, I was living in Boston and couldn’t afford haircuts so I started cutting it myself. As I couldn’t see to cut the back, I let it grow.

    And then one fateful day, we went to Kelly’s Roast Beef in Revere Beach. So the Mullet is my fault.

    Oops. My bad.

  6. Huh. The company that sells it is called “Glow In The Dark Tie Co.”. I wonder how that worked out for them?

    There’s a doctor in Tucson who used to collect the peek-a-boo ties that were available in the Forties, since the only fashion statement he could make in his white doctor coat was with his tie. He drives a white Checker Marathon with the license plate TIES. You may be able to find his fascinating coffee-table book “Fit To Be Tied” wherever fine used books are sold.

  7. Actually, it looks like a high-waisted strapless two piece to me, or strapless bra and underwear, which is even more scandalous.

  8. Cory, I believe we are bearing witness to your return to a job where you are expected to put on a tie now and again. Remember, though, as your own boss, you can dictate the work clothes you wear. Shirts and ties are awesome and do not require their wearer to forego a cape.

  9. You will get gasps, but they won’t be of admiration.

    Back in that era a woman in a bathing suit was as scandalous as a woman in pants would be in Saudi Arabia today. No wonder guys from that generation were thrilled to see t&a even in the lamest ways.

  10. I’m so contemporary I guess. It took me forever to force myself to look closely enough at that image to realize it was a necktie, and even longer to force myself to read the text.

    In the meantime I kept thinking somehow it was an actual dress that you could wear glow in the dark underwear beneath and it would show up through the fabric in dark/blacklight or something.

    That would actually be kind of cool.

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