What is happening in Egypt, explained

Fatimah at the blog Promoting Peace has a helpful post up: a primer on what is happening in Egypt, and why.


  1. ….and the police have just discovered the fatal flaw in their water cannon truck

    though I wouldn’t have called it a “Tiananmen Square moment”.

  2. From my cozy chair that looked like a threat, not an attack. I bet they can rev up the pump on that thing enough to bruise directly and beak bones indirectly when your body skitters accross the sidewalk into a wall. Or maybe just dislodge your contacts.

  3. I like how they mentioned people in Yemen are now demanding their leaders step down, and even Suez is having riots.

    Gentleman, ladies, I think we are witnessing the beginning of, really, the next major war. I hesitate to say world war.

    This is groundbreaking- there are so many countries in the middle east that are run by despots and regimes of “democratically elected” leaders going on decades. This is a defining moment- it seems as though entire countries of people are crowdsourcing in saying “ENOUGH, YOU BASTARDS!”.

    My tip to Egypt- stop the police brutality. Now. More civil unrest and toppled governments have come simply from being fueled by a hatred of the military and police response to a single outcry of abuse than anything else.

    One week of constant violence against your own people creates a permanent generation of mistrust and hate. Each time it happens, it makes this hate and distrust of the administrations and authority stronger. You piss off your citizens, and think they forget what you do, or will bow to authority alone.

    You are the greatest fools of us all.

  4. Thanks for linking to that excellent summary.

    Some additional updates:

    After a good summary of the situation, the writer adds:
    “I have started getting reports from citizen journalists that government-hired thugs will make sure that nothing about tomorrow is peaceful. They say that in several low-income parts of Cairo and Alexandria, government-hired thugs were seen to be splashing petroleum over parked cars. This to prepare for protests in which they’ll light vehicles on fire when the time is right for them.

    “They’ve also heard rumours that the intelligence services will release a separate group of thugs under the name Akhwan al- Haq, or Brothers of Truth, a trumped-up extremist group, that will charge through the streets with swords and caustic acid to splash on the protesters – thus placing all the blame of a peaceful uprising gone violent on a certain kind of Islamic extremism.”

    Guardian reporter Jack Shenker recounts his beatings and arrest by Egyptian officers. While detained inside an Egypitian police facility where protesters were being beaten, he says, when he identified himself as a British reporter, a high-ranking officer punched him and yelled “Fuck you and fuck Britain.”

    There is also audio as he reported in real-time while locked on a moving truck with 43 protesters.

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