Internet Society statement on Egypt 'net shutdown

The Internet Society issues a statement on the Egyptian government's auto-unplugging: "Cutting off a nation's access to the Internet only serves to fuel dissent and does not address the underlying causes of dissatisfaction." Related update on that story today from Wired News: the state shut down the 'net with a series of phone calls.


  1. So, on the one hand, we have Finland declaring that internet access is a human right. Along with freedom of expression, democracy, freedom for/from religion, sexual equality. And regular elections. Many within a generation.

    Then we have Egypt.

    And Syria.

  2. OS2, the old IBM operating system, had built-in software for satellite uplink. With that, people wouldn’t need an ISP. Microsoft’s stranglehold on net connection software has empowered evil despotic regimes worldwide. More proof of what I’ve been saying all along – Microsoft may hold the patents, but the code was written by Satan.

    1. What? That doesn’t even make sense. If you have a satellite device, you probably don’t need any special software anyway (or it came with your device if it does). Everything is TCP/IP, these days.

      I’ve used satelite phones as laptop connections without any special software at all.

  3. I had never even heard of the Internet Society before. I took a quick look at their site, wasn’t much impressed. What exactly are they there for?

  4. This seems like the kind of situation where Anonymous could/should get involved. I’m sure they can’t turn the ISPs back on. I have no way of knowing the feasibility of shutting down the Noor group with DOS attacks, but it does seem that removing the Egyptian government’s and economic sector’s abilities to connect to the outside world as well would at the least be an painful move that is in reach of Anonymous or others.

  5. A wise Redditor said in one of the Egypt threads: “They Orwelled when they should have Huxleyed.”

    Most brilliant thing I’ve seen this year, I think.

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