Russian wartime Cossack dance-off set to Run DMC


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  1. Nword says:

    Pretty amazing how many of the same mannerisms in the video are still in use, one or two guys going up the other group to show off their moves, the solo dances, etc.

  2. Dinny in Adelaide says:

    Totally Brilliant. Amazing moves!

  3. Matt Maher says:

    I know it’s nit-picking, but for myself, it’s hard to get over the fact that they’re dancing to something with a different tempo. If this person had adjusted the video’s framerate slightly, they probably could have matched it, but it just doesn’t jive for me…

  4. Anonymous says:

    All I can think is that wow, those guys have got to be in amazing shape to do all of those lunges and squats. My thighs would kill me and all my leg tendons would snap if I tried any of that.

  5. Boba Fett Diop says:

    You just got served…Comrade!

  6. senorglory says:

    better than “Breakin’ 2.”

  7. McProf says:

    If you enjoy this anachronism, you may also appreciate this mix of current electro-pop with the Charleston:

  8. wigg1es says:

    This is one of the greatest things I’ve seen in a long long time. Simply excellent.

  9. PDXgirl says:

    I thought the video was fantastic, and then this comment made it even better:

    “Boba Fett Diop

    You just got served…Comrade!”

  10. Anonymous says:

    In Soviet Russia, dance serves you.

  11. MarkM says:

    The embedded link wasnt working for me; here’s the original:

  12. Anonymous says:

    Matt’s correct. And I’d rather listen to the original Run-DMC track, without all the House additives – which also differs enough in tempo that it might be a bit more in sync with what’s happening here!

  13. Dunchead says:

    Thanks for picking this up Mr Doctorow!

    Love dagfooyo’s comment! (‘In 500 years this video will be in a museum archive somewhere labeled “Russian break dance battle, 20th century”‘)

  14. Sekino says:

    Oh god. This may be the best mashup I have ever seen!! :D

  15. V's Herbie says:

    To my untrained eye, the upper body moves and larger jumps look much like modern men’s ballet. Coincidence? Causative? Any dance historians in the house?

    • Boba Fett Diop says:

      While these guys are trained dancers and likely part of some sort of “morale” corps with the Red Army, the dance style itself originates with the equestrian traditions of the Ukrainian and Don Cossacks. Look at how much work they are doing with their quadriceps in the dip-and-leap moves and the low kicks. This would be very helpful in developing the kind of leg strength you would need to get up in your stirrups for extended periods of time. Especially useful for saber charges, or shooting from the saddle.

  16. HornCologne says:

    This needs a West Side Story, Sharks v. Jets remix, too! Bernstein 4 eva!

  17. Jeff says:

    These people are trained dancers. Untrained dancers like any other untrained activity can easily be spotted. The movement it well executed, full of intention. Timing is on the money and transitions are smoothly choreographed. All the movements are complementary. This is a staged performance. These are not the troops hanging out for the afternoon. Not to mention clean uniforms/costumes.

  18. Anonymous says:

    In Soviet Russia, Street Steps Up to You.

  19. Lobster says:

    They are Russian dancing men!

  20. strandedlad says:

    This is wonderful. Even better,it mirrors the original video for this remix (from 1999?) which was also an extended dance battle sequence.

  21. alecmuffett says:

    I apologise, I sincerely apologise for the pedantry, but mentally it is really hard to get past “In this 1941 _video_”.

    Compare: ‘Fritz Lang’s 1927 video, “Metropolis”‘


  22. Anonymous says:

    Cossack dancing was definitely an influence on breakin’.. which is why there’s a move called “the Russian” oh yeah and this video is teh awesome.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is so awesome I can’t contain my happines

  24. alecmuffett says:

    ps: The Run DMC vs Jason Nevins backing dance-off:

  25. Anonymous says:

    The best way to stamp out manure ?

  26. dagfooyo says:

    In 500 years this video will be in a museum archive somewhere labeled “Russian break dance battle, 20th century”

  27. Johnny Fronthole says:

    Laughing at the ridiculousness of humanity; the first global passtime.

  28. millie fink says:

    Ha, good work that works for me.

    I think that one guy was air-guitaring with his leg!

  29. Bahumat says:

    This brought great joy to my heart, thank you, happy mutants!

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