Kitty Midnight Madness!

Banjo. Rocking chairs. Puns, oh the puns. Winnipeg. Sound effects. Censored cursing. Transitions up the wazoo.

I think there may have been a cat in there somewhere too. No trade-ins though.

[via Reddit] [Video link]


  1. The RSPCA public relations need to see this add, it would be fantastic if they had adds like this.

  2. Yay, thanks for posting this! It’s really great that Andy got to do this spot for the Winnipeg Humane Society. Locally, if you’d already seen his ads for Kern-Hill Furniture, you’d know him immediately.

  3. If only they had service after the sale…

    I didn’t find out my cat was certifiably insane until I’d driven it off the lot, and the lemon laws hadn’t been enacted yet.

  4. Aww… that was both sweet and funny! I hope all little kitties, especially the dented ones, get a brand new home soon!

  5. Somewhere, deep inside, there is an evil part of me that think Cheech Marin did it a whole lot better

  6. Ah, Kern-Hill Furniture Co-op, how I miss your insane low-budget mid-seventies commercials. Andy’s dad used to do them just like this, but under a ten/twenty gallon hat, wearing… interesting suit jackets and bolo ties and way more ad-lib. I don’t watch tv any more but these tv spots are up there with Hinterland Who’s Who ( and The Log Driver’s Waltz ( What fun.

  7. Nice to see someone use the internet cat thing for a good cause. And they did it the right way too! This is totally meme-able

  8. For those interested in the history behind this, Andy Hill is the Number One Son of Nick Hill, the legendary owner of Kern-Hill Furniture Co-Op, 843 Main Street, here in Winnipeg. This may sound like spam, but I assure you, there is far more to it than this – anyone over the age of about 30 in Winnipeg fondly remembers ads like this one as we grew up:

    As Nick got older, he started to include Andy in his ads, and he’s carried on the tradition since Nick died a few years back. So no, this is most definitely NOT Tim & Eric.

    And we’re all chuffed to have Winnipeg get a bit of attention on Boing Boing, I assure you. :>

  9. Kitties! This makes me want to kitten-proof the house and visit a shelter. Our adult cat probably wouldn’t appreciate it much, though.

  10. I adopted my 3 cats from the WHS, each one has been fantastic.

    I wonder why they didn’t go for the brass ring and really time-warp this spot, shoot it on a 3/4″ U-Matic and edit with an RM-450 and a Video Toaster. THAT would have been perfection.

  11. Just past Spirit Mound, next to Tex and Edna Boil’s Prairie Warehouse and Curio Emporium. Come on down.

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