Michael Swanwick's demonic Great Humongous Snow Pile

Snowbound science fiction writer Michael Swanwick sure knows how to creatively dispose of his excess white stuff! "It's night. I'm done shoveling. I can go indoors and relax by the wood stove. Knowing that the snow is outdoors, plotting against me."

The Great Humongous Snow Pile in the Back Yard


  1. Wonder if his inspiration came from the recent rerunning of the Calvin and Hobbes strip with the snow monsters surrounding the home.

  2. Humongous? It looks like it’s barely up to his car window! I can look outside my window and see a pile of snow that’s twice as tall as I am.

  3. Making snowmen (or snow in general) glow is an easy thing to do. You just need a 3V coin battery, an LED light, some tape, and a little plastic bag. Stick the mixture in snow and you have glow.

    If you’re really brave you could wire up a solar circuit to a snowman, one that was dark detecting. Easier than most people think.

    I know http://www.instructables.com has a whole lot of little LED projects that would spice up a snowman. (Search for LED Snowies for example.)

    I for one am waiting for Wisconsin to get some snow this week… just to test out such a thing… I’m thinking blinking red snowman eyes…

  4. My solar lights worked quite happily with snow over them. Once it got thin enough and they could get a charge, they glowed all night. Quite lovely.

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