Egypt: Al Jazeera publishing audio reports from correspondents


3 Responses to “Egypt: Al Jazeera publishing audio reports from correspondents”

  1. iktiw says:

    Gaaah, please let us not turn “sputnik moment” into some memetic phrase!

  2. rebdav says:

    I wonder how much of this unrest is a result of several days of Al Jazeeras very Glen Beck mock trial against the Palestinian Authority(which I have very little love for as a quasi-government) on the Arabic side. Very unprofessional for a journalist organization to do such a thing. Ya hear that Fox News?

  3. taj says:

    Sputnik moment? Is that like, when Americans go, “OMG! We’re not #1!?!”
    (If so, … It’s been a looooong time, in the cable news field.).

    I think Sputnik moment must mean something – I just can’t guess what. I will say that the Al Jazeera app, now takes pride of place next to my BBC World.

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