Fun things made with programmable LEDs


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  1. william says:

    [cough]Kuniavsky[/cough] With a Y.

  2. Jean-Luc Turbo says:

    I am inexplicably mesmerized by the Glowpulls…

  3. towlemonkey says:

    When are they going to add a purchase link on their site? I would buy 18 pairs of those Glowpulls right now.

    • fxq says:

      It’s a TECHNOLOGY SKETCHâ„¢ and not available yet. Yeah, I wanna Glowpull, but shame on ThingM for trademarking TECHNOLOGY SKETCHâ„¢ – com’on fer chissakes is it really necessary?

  4. Chong says:

    Can someone please explain to me why I’d want flashing LEDs on my books?

    I would like some Glowpulls though. Dunno what I’d do with them yet, I’d just like to have them.

  5. obeyken says:

    The mallet with a blinking LED was a bit underwhelming–I couldn’t really see it. But the mechanism itself seems to be a truly wonderful way to get your downstairs neighbors to hate your guts.

  6. holtt says:

    I dunno why but every time I see a book that’s been chopped to add something and make it no longer a book, I cringe a bit and think, “Poor book.”

    This coming from the guy who hollowed out an old paperback to hold a squirtgun to sneak it into the halls at middle school mind you.

  7. Alvis says:

    I know I’m just being a literal jerk, but “programmable LEDs”?

    LEDs can’t be “programmed” any more than an incandescent light bulb can. Or a bolt, or a nail. Now, “programmable microcontroller-based LED projects”…

  8. Anonymous says:

    In that drumkit video, ThingM’s power supply voltage display shows it collapsing under the load of the solenoids as they fire.

    Count on me never engaging them for anything requiring any real engineering.

  9. jer says:

    Wow, blinking LEDs.

    What will they think of next? LED marquees? ;-)

    • Ralph Giles says:

      “programmable microcontroller-based LED projects”

      Well yes, but thingm sells a combined RGB LED and microcontroller in a single 4-lead package. As such it isn’t unreasonable to think of the part as an “I2C-programmable LED”.

  10. Robert says:

    Well… this could get us one step closer to the inventory system described in Cory’s Makers. The one where you enter what you’re looking for and the place where it is starts blinking?

  11. nixiebunny says:

    Blinking LEDs can be fun, but you gotta make them blink just ever so

  12. Anonymous says:

    Reminds of Pink Floyd’s Pulse live CD with the blinking red LED from 1995. Mine doesn’t blink anymore.

    • billstewart says:

      My Pink Floyd blinky album cover was hanging on in quiet desperation for a few years, and eventually stopped. Wonder if I can still find it and take it apart? Probably only needs a new coin cell or something.

  13. Mitch_M says:

    If I am pulling a cabinet handle that means I have already located it, so having it light up has absolutely no value to me. I suppose it would look kind of neat, though, and that makes it somewhat worthwhile- It’s valid as a project to do for the sake of doing a project.

    What I would really like is a key fob with a SIM card and a ringer that I could call when I can’t find my keys, and also a way to make the Prius key fob beep so I can find it when I need to get out of the car for a break.

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