List of missing people in Egypt


As unrest continues to grow in Egypt, so, too, does the number of people who are missing and unaccounted for. Samer Karam and Dara Mouracade have put together a shared spreadsheet with information about missing people and when/where they were last seen (as well as links to their online profiles and accounts). If anyone has any information about these folks please reach out to Samer or Dara and help update the list, or help pass it on so that it hopefully ends up in the hands of someone who does have info.


  1. It’s not fake, I’ve been seeing trusted sources looking for several people on this list for days, this just compiles them into one place.

  2. After all those Michigan Muslims disappeared in the wake of 9-11, hustled into blacked-out vans by plainclothes government agents, similar lists were being circulated on newsprint in anti-war activist circles. Nobody was willing to put up an “unpatriotic” website, so peaceniks had to do it old-school.

    Most of those men and boys have turned up since, typically in Middle Eastern countries that practice torture, and have been located by their families here. I’ve heard since that there are actually less than a dozen unaccounted for out of many thousands. So most of them have survived the Bush/Obama method (aka “extraordinary rendition”) and probably only a small percentage were brutally tortured to death for the US taxpayer.

    Hopefully most of the people disappeared by Mubarak’s goons will also survive, although people who have survived torture often never fully recover.

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