Morrow's Diviner's Tale is a tight, literary ghost story


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  1. Anonymous says:

    SamSam, I cannot second that enough. Give us working tags!

    I was trying to show my friend the Among Others review but couldn’t remember the name or author, after some fruitless searching I eventually opted for scrolling through the reviews section. It really only took a few seconds, but it would have been a pain if I were looking for, say, a review from a year or two ago.


    jolownit thinking

  2. Kwolfbrooks says:

    This is great. I want more book reviews from you, Cory! ;-)

  3. SamSam says:

    Most reviews can be found in the section

    However, I really don’t understand why BB doesn’t let us click on the tag names. That way we could click on the “book” tag and get all the articles on books.

    In a magical alternate universe, Boing Boing would also let us search for “book” in “reviews” by author “Cory.” But we don’t live in that universe.

  4. torgeaux says:

    I read this review, clicked the link for Amazon US and was going to buy this. Until I saw the Kindle price. Another fatality in the publisher’s war on their customers.

  5. ChesterS says:

    I just finished. A very good book. I didn’t think the pacing of the “bad guy” reveal was handled as well as it could have been, though, considering what had happened in the past to the narrator.

    I thought it took place in upstate NY.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m just curious as to how Mr. Doctorow came across this book, and what was the selling point to him. From what I gathered, the supernatural experience seems a little out of bound from BoingBoing, although it is nice to come across a well-written and thoughtful book, no matter the genre.

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