Overgarnished cocktail

JWZ has discovered the most heroically garnished drink in modern history: what appears to be a Bloody Mary (?), garnished with a skewer that includes a hard-boiled quail egg, among other morsels.

Why yes, that is a quail egg.


  1. Feh! They’ve never seen my father’s Bloody Mary garnishment. Generally three different stuffed olives (garlic, blue cheese,jalapeno) pickled asparagus, pickled garlic, celery, and a beef stick. It really is an alcoholic’s salad.

    The egg is a nice touch though.

    1. I was just about to write, “Come to southeastern Wisconsin – finding Blood Mary’s made up like that isn’t uncommon”.

      As for ice cubes in BM’s? Yeah, true dat. Frozen tomato/basil sorbet balls being an exception.

  2. The Bloody Marys at the Orbit Room in SF have more stuff than that in them. This one doesn’t even have pickled asparagus. And the Orbit Room makes theirs from homemade Bloody Mary mix cooked down from fresh vegetables.

  3. While visiting friends in Chicago once we had brunch at a restaurant that had a bloody mary condiment bar, where one placed in the beverage what one chose to.

    This looks like an eight year old ordered a drink there.

  4. Here in the midwest, all bloody mary’s come with a full salad(and some tasty cured meats), and the better ones also have the beer chaser mixed right in.

    1. Oh, an anchovy would be super good! It’s weird, but when I bar tended Out West, I was told over and over that you don’t put a pickle in a Bloody, you put celery! Yuck, what do I want a stringy piece of celery in my bloody for?? LOL! I maintained that where I was from (the Midwest) you DO put a pickle in it, dammit- and a beef jerky, and string cheese/a deep-fried cheese curd, a pepper, a dilly bean (gotta be homemade!), lemon, lime… wasabi is a nice touch… oh, now I want one. Is it too early in the day? Naaaaah! :)

      There is much love for the drinkies here in Wisconsin! :3

      1. Yeah, a pickle in a Bloody Mary sounds good, especially a genuine fermented pickle and not the phony soaked in vinegar brine kind.

        I wouldn’t want the salad bar on a stick in a Martini, but it looks good here.

        An acquaintance of mine proposed garnishing Martinis with pickled amla instead of am olive and I think that’s a fine idea.

  5. It’s not really a Bloody Mary if it isn’t served with a salad fork, a steak knife and an oyster shucker.

  6. yea, there’s a place here in San Diego called R Gang that does a good brunch and their signature bloody mary is like that. only with two pieces of sausage, giant olives, etc.. It’s a little bit excessive, but it does taste good.
    They also make a wasabi bloody mary which is excellent.

    1. Oh no I did NOT need to know about the wasabi bloody mary. I love R Gang… the bacon maple donut holes they had during their restaurant week bandwagon thing were the b.o.m.b.

  7. Now that’s more like it! I get terribly munchy when I drink, especially for protein, so I’d be all over that boiled egg. I’d throw in a cheese cube or two as well… and I like ill lich’s anchovy idea…

    Okay, my ideal garnish would be a foot-long brochette ;)

  8. Can someone confirm that we aren’t looking at an ostrich egg as a part of the garnish? That looks like a mighty big drink to me.

  9. He’d better be wearing an eye patch on the ‘near’ eye. With that humungous sword, he could end up like Ralphie Parker.

  10. The pickled okra is a nice touch. The celery shouldn’t be cut off on top though – it should go all the way up to the leaves.

    What’s that thing on the end though, a rubber band?

  11. @dragonfrog. That’s actually the skewer. Its the type that made of a thin, stiff band of bamboo/rattan that’s knotted at the end before drying/sharpening.

  12. I believe this is Orson, as I recognize the interior. Bloody Mary aside, they serve the best pastrami sandwich I’ve ever eaten in my life and you can get it with french fries cooked in duck fat. Your taste buds will love you but your arteries won’t. Mmmmmm.

  13. Smallbar in San Diego has a Bloody Mary that is more like an appetizer inside of a mixed drink

    Blood Mary served in a Guinness glass and garnished with:
    – A strip of candied bacon
    – cherry tomatoes,
    – gherkins,
    – pepperoncinis,
    – pearl onions,
    – blue-cheese-stuffed olives,
    – shrimp,
    – celery,
    – a pickled green bean,
    – a carrot stick,
    – side o’ pork rinds

    1. I LOLed!

      And, I always try to aim my Bloody Mary burps upwards and away from any exposed mucous membranes… how considerate of me! :3

  14. I think that the real lesson here is that Cory doesn’t spend much time hanging out in bars.

  15. I believe #28 is correct: That looks to be a Caesar, the northern cousin of the Bloody Mary. The garnishes are typical, and you can see the celery salt around the rim and the horseradish floating in the iced clamato juice. As you do.

  16. John Wayne is going to claw his way out of his grave and kill each and every one of us.

    You know that, right?

  17. This is definitely a Caesar. Invented in Toronto in 1969, it immediately rendered the Bloody Mary obsolete, at least to those in the know. Due to beverage xenophobia it has not really caught on with the USian public. We also have better beer. Go figure.

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Bloody Mary that DOESN’T have ice cubes in it — maybe it’s an East Coast thing? This includes the two great Bloody Marys I had with oysters last night here in Baltimore. Nothing exciting in them however, but it was a good house-made mix — we make sure to put Old Bay spice in them here in Baltimore.

  19. If you grow your own tomatoes, do youself and your friends a favor by making a Mary with fresh, gamey, delishus tomatoes. It really does ruin you.

    There is a place in town here that serves a BM with a garnish so big I don’t order food when I get it. And it comes with a half pint of IPA. FSM damnit, now I want one. Thanks Cory!!! (grumble grumble)

  20. My wife just suggested the perfect garnish–friend Mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers.

    So…. hungry…….

  21. So, what was your first clue that your bartender would very likely show up on an episode of Hoarders? ;D

  22. In Japan: Vodka + processed tomato juice
    In the USA: 5 course meal

    Isn’t there a happy medium anywhere?

    -teapot (via anon, as my BS office filter doesn’t like the word cock in the URL)

  23. Prune in NYC (somewhat overhyped 12-seater artisan yadda yadda place, once got served improperly cooked fish there and retched, nuther story) has a similar botched abortion of a Bloody Mary involving crap like pickled beets.

    I never got the idea of a Bloody Mary as a hangover chaser–I mean, do they cure your hangover by making you throw up every last thing you ate/drank in the past 48 hours?

    The ONE bloody mary that I ever had that I sorta liked was a chipotle Bloody Mary served SHORT–ie not a fucking gallon of tomato juice with 1.5 shots of bottom shelf crap in it. It was made with Patron Silver as well. But I didn’t order another one.

    What’s next, Fried Chicken n Waffles Bloody Mary?

    1. So I now have a VC pitch tomorrow morning for a Fried Chicken n Waffle Bloody Mary restaurant tomorrow morning. Happy? :D

    2. I never got the idea of a Bloody Mary as a hangover chaser–I mean, do they cure your hangover by making you throw up every last thing you ate/drank in the past 48 hours?

      The problem with many Bloody Marys (including most of the ones mentioned in this thread) is precisely that the bartenders or establishments that serve them have forgotten this function, and instead have gotten into the abominable habit of piling random hors d’ouervres on top of them in an attempt to seem clever. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting a little food in you, but it should be a proper breakfast, not a lot of left-over finger-food crap. Here’s how I do it:

      1) Start with the Bloody Mary; the classic recipe is fine, as well as minor variations (substituting a pickle spear for the celery is fine, since either is basically just an edible swizzle stick). If you must, you can have an olive or two. No more, that’s it. (Also, you’re right about the booze/mixer proportion, although I’d note that your drink is properly known as a Bloody Maria.)

      2) This is crucial: wait several minutes for your stomach to accept the drink. If it’s big enough, you may have that buffer time built in.

      3) Have a big, preferably greasy breakfast. I favor gyros omelettes (4-egg) with spinach and feta, with a big pile of hash browns on the side. (You can have another Bloody with it if you like.)

      4) Then order coffee. Good idea to use cream even if you normally favor it black.

      There. No need to tart it up; fancy crap is for girl drinks, but a Bloody Mary has grim work to do.

  24. I think Bloody Marys win at being the most over-garnished drink ever. Have you seen some of the pictures on the Wikipedia page? One of them has a freaking *crab leg* sticking out of it. I think somewhere along the line, some bartending guide got misprinted with a recipe for gazpacho where the Bloody Mary was supposed to go.

  25. None of you have obviously ever had one of Alberta “Miss Flighty” Straub’s amazing Bloody Mary. They make everything else pale in comparison. The one I had was simply amazing! It included an Alaskan King Crab leg, spicy beans, celery, cocktail pickle, blue cheese stuffed olive, cocktail onion, peppercinis, cucumber, cilantro, capers, turmeric (who puts turmeric in a drink?) and edged with hand made rim salt. You had to eat the meal before getting to the drink if you didn’t use a straw. She did a four part show on how she creates her Bloody Mary Mix, Spicy Bloody Mary Vodka, Rim Salt, and then finally shows you how to put the sucker together. It’s simply amazingly! She does put ice in her’s (she uses big ice cubes) which I didn’t know if I was going to like, but now I can’t imagine drinking them any other way. If you want to watch the cocktail goodness take a gander at her videos. In the one online she uses shrimp rather than crab legs. http://cocktailsonthefly.tv/category/signature-drinks/flighty-bloody-mary/

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