Instant karma for failed head-kicker


This fellow tried to do something naughty and hurt his knee. Click to watch the clip. (Thanks, Felipe Li!)


      1. Yes the pixels do not lie, also the walker starts walking at the start, with his right foot curled behind his left.

        Where’s this from?

  1. So many API calls on Boing Boing pages that they take over a minute to finish loading. No scrolling yet, peons must wait!

      1. I’ve been randomly blocking bits of javascript to see what breaks it, and what doesn’t, and I’ve gotten it down to an almost-not-infuriating page-load delay. The only side-effect is lots of those stupid buttons have disappeared.
        Then again, there’s every chance my attempts have amounted to nothing more than voodoo.
        I might start using lynx.

  2. It sure looks like the kicker wither peed his shorts or had something poured down them. This may well be the after effects of a gag.

  3. I choose to believe that pee-pants drunk was attempting to scare/strike staggering drunk — and no additional facts will change that belief!

  4. I agree that both are probably drunk … the guy to be kicked does not even turn around when he hears something swishing by his ear … or some bones cracking … and the kicker’s pants look indeed wet

  5. Nice Mawashi Geri Jodan. Good luck that the guy was not on karate class, as this kick can easily knockout or even kill someone. Really, kicks kill.

  6. This is a mirror image of what our entire society has become.”Kick em’from behind when their not looking so I can run away and will not have to suffer the consequences of my own war-like behavior”!This is the cowards mantra.GO KARMA!!!Too bad Karma isn’t around more often.

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