New blog for video game concept sketches


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  1. k7aay says:

    Please note GameStorm is also a gaming convention. GameStorm.Org is the website for the annual gaming convention in the Portland Metro Area, and GameStorm 13 is set for March 24-27. has more information.

  2. Robo-Design says:

    If they want free ideas, wouldn’t it be easy to hire some unpaid interns to brainstorm for good ideas rather than asking for other game developers through-aways. Most developers have their own blogs to post this stuff.(while still retaining their own IP rights) why would they give it away? Here’s one I posted recently:

    • Chevy Ray Johnston says:

      The idea of the site was to just share and immortalize doodles, sketches, and brainstorming sheets made by game designers and developers, programmers and artists around the world. I have a thing for these messy, often nonsensical brain-dumped sheets of paper, and find them fun and inspiring to browse through. So I made it as a place to just find inspiration or get a good laugh rather than a serious concept-gathering initiative. :)

      • Rob Beschizza says:

        I did! I am a tinkerer with Flixel and Flashpunk too. I know it’s for sharing the little game ideas like levels and designs we all have, but I think it’ll be very inspirational too.

  3. ike9898 says:

    If there was an equivalent site for general product ideas, I’d use it. I always have ideas for which I lack the skills, capital and motivation to do anything with. If I’m not going to use them, I might as well offer them up for someone else who’s got the skills, etc, but lacks a idea.

  4. Robo-Design says:

    Making it a contest might encourage better ideas.

    • Chevy Ray Johnston says:

      Hmmm, good thinking. I do love contests/competitions! I also really like the bad ideas as well, though, they’re half the fun.

    • Luc says:

      You’ve completely misunderstood the intent of this website.

      • Robo-Design says:

        “Got a game idea you know you’ll never get around to making? Share it at Gamestorm, a new blog for game sketches, and maybe someone else will!” – maybe boingboing is misrepresenting the intent.

        • jungletek says:

          Yeah, game sketches like level designs and shit. Not like idea frameworks for a game.

          Did you even visit the site, Rob? :p

  5. jungletek says:

    To be more precise, the visual ephemera and design prototypes are what is showcased…

  6. The Chemist says:

    Naturally, I see this and every idea I ever had for a game goes *poof*. There should be a name for that.

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