Wonderful trailers for B-movies that never existed


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Was that a Pharaoh, or was it Queen Nefertiti?
    I expect accuracy in my movies!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here’s how to make a movie trailer:


  3. Boba Fett Diop says:

    I hate trailers that give away the entire plot of the movie before you see it.

  4. BDiamond says:

    These are delicious, campy fun. Makes me wish Mr. Deak would go the route of Larry Blamire and make a feature!

  5. Rob Gehrke says:

    Michael S Deak’s YouTube channel :

    Firefox :
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  6. BDiamond says:

    To Muse and Anon — Larry Blamire wrote, directed, produced and starred in Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and its sequel. He also made a movie called The Trail of the Screaming Forehead (which I haven’t seen yet). True, they’re not perfect, but I love ‘em, anyway. And that’s why I wish Deak would make a feature — he may just out-Blamire Blamire.

  7. Godfree says:

    @ fnc: I would love to see the movie “Wilhelm’s Revenge.”

  8. Muse says:

    Fun, but my favorite trailer is still for this: The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra

    The movie itself wasn’t quite as delightful as the trailer though.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I loved the Lost Skeleton — one of my favorite movies. The sequel was a letdown, unfortunately.

  10. jfrancis says:

    I recognize the village in the opening. It’s a set in Santa Clarita with a Western street at one end, and at 0:05 is the ruined Afghani village Iron Man flies in and saves.

  11. Art says:

    Madre de Dios!!! I have never known such a terror!

  12. BDiamond says:

    Well, it would seem that Deak did direct one feature, which was released back in 1996.


    Off to Amazon!

  13. Donald Petersen says:

    Couple of nice things I noticed:

    1. An actual, literal, comic book “Aaaiiieeee!!”

    2. A decent allusion to the Karloff version’s trailer: “Death… eternal punishment… for… anyone… who… opens… this… casket.”

    • fnc says:

      That was the Wilhelm Scream. And a darned good use of it too.


      • Donald Petersen says:

        Oh, I recognized the Wilhelm Scream when I heard it (dummy being tossed over the cliff). No, the “Aaaiiieee!” happens earlier, after the guy spits out the cork and gets grabbed by three arms. (0:59 or so).

      • Ceronomus says:

        There is no longer any such thing as a “good” use of the Wilhelm Scream. What started off as an inside joke has grown into an incredibly overused audio clip that jars me out of a program every time I hear it (which seems to be at least twice a week these days).

        It was fun when it began, but really, enough. I enjoyed this trailer up to that point, then just shut it off.

        Can I really be alone in being annoyed by the overuse of the Wilhelm Scream?

  14. hughelectronic says:

    Wonderful! But the use of 90s font Crackhouse is a bummer.

  15. MandoSpaz says:

    Spectacular! And tomorrow is Friday!

  16. Anonymous says:

    (Yes, the Wilhelm scream deserves some credit)… But if this were a real 50′s trailer, they would have never shown the monster’s face. That was always considered a privilege worth paying for. After all, the makeup was usually the most expensive thing in these movies

  17. Baron Karza says:

    Wait a second — if he were triple the terror, wouldn’t he have six arms instead of just three? Three arms is only 150% as much terror.

    Here’s an illo I did for a “Star Wars Insider” magazine article on the Wilhelm Scream (on Jabba’s sail barge in ROTJ): http://www.skatemonk.com/portfolio/illos/scream.html
    Just to add to the overkill.

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