Andy Pescovitz's custom videogame LEGO Minifigs


8 Responses to “Andy Pescovitz's custom videogame LEGO Minifigs”

  1. Scott Grotyohann says:

    Now that’s some time consuming stuff right there!

  2. ahmacrom says:

    Saw the Flickr stream, love the figs ! And nice Yamaha Custom drum Kit. For me, it’s miniatures and drums.

  3. Chrs says:

    Rank nepotism! Rank, excellent nepotism!

  4. kromekoran says:

    awesome stuff.

    love the Agent 47 fig on his Flickr.

    when I was a kid I drew, and played with Lego. even built a Lego city on the surface of my captain’s style bed (threw the mattress in the walk in closet and slept on the floor). but I never thought to draw on my Lego, wish I had, might be a better painter these days.

  5. hdon says:

    Isn’t Punisher a comic book character?

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