Mediating Sustainability: Daring to Defy Misfortune

carrie-cake.jpg "Mediating Sustainability: Daring to Defy Misfortune" is a fake exhibition title I generated using Rebecca Uchill's Random Exhibition Title Generator. Try it yourself! (The photo is a "Carrie cake" from a 2006 cake contest at Bazaar Bizarre.) (Thanks, Bill!)


  1. Excellent! I see more and more shows that have nonsensical pretentious, bombastic titles… that have nothing to do with the show…

    1. Or worse: A curator that makes a pretentious, bombastic title, then tries to shoehorn a wad of disparate work in just to make the “theme” work.

  2. “Queering Dreams: Queers and Dilettantism”

    I’m just hoping my thesis title doesn’t come up on that generator.

  3. I don’t spend any time reading dissertations, attending symposia, or looking at exhibitions (though I can watch tractor pulls and 9-ball tournaments for extended periods), but I gotta say… “Mediating Sustainability: Daring to Defy Misfortune”?

    I’d check that out.

  4. How about:

    Decadent (Im)Possibilities: Queers and Urban Experience

    Sounds very plausible…(and post-modern)

  5. This is great– each time I tried it I get something that has enough seeds of something else that could be fed into a random art generator. Then, feed the output of that into a random review generator, then finally a random srt awards generator. Oh, the random art generator needs a random artist bio generator. And maybe some random interviews could be generated.

    hahahaha. The humans are out of the loop!

  6. Parsing Ground: Defying Aesthetic Forms and Their Opposites

    All I’m getting from this is that they’re calling me ugly.

  7. As a professional curator, I find Rebecca’s title generator completely offensive and an unrealistic distortion of the true nature of my profession.

    After running the generator numerous times, it has completely failed to give me any terrible titles based on quips, sayings or “humorous” wordplay. Without those features, it’s incapable truly showing how meaningless, elitist and pretentious most exhibition titles truly are.

    Although it did give me this gem:

    Decadent Extravaganza: John Waters and Sameness

    I’d totally see that show in a minute.

  8. Ooooh, and also:

    Fantastic Extravaganza: Post-Painterly Art of Aesthetic Forms and Their Opposites

  9. Mediating Properties: 15 Years of Social Practice

    hmm… what does this mean? Sounds like a very deep an provocative exhibition.

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