New law in Malawi may or may not criminalize farting in public

Boing Boing reader ill ich says, "There is some argument in Malawi over whether a new law bans farting in public. If so, they will need to address the old law of 'he who smelt it, dealt it' or else all police officers would be culpable."


  1. I particularly enjoy the news24 article on the matter, it’s got some choice quotes from the fellow, including that he apparently blames the onset of democracy for the public farting “problem.” :P


  2. “He who refuses guilt admission,
    Bears blame for foul emission.”

    “He embraces rhyme defense
    For his crime of flatulence.”

    “When malevolent vapour doth linger,
    He that pointeth, hath pulled finger.”

    Christ, I could go all day…

  3. The other thought that occurred to me: how will the police cope with the infamous “silent but deadly” flatulence? Fart sniffing dogs? You’ll need a hearty breed for that line of work.

    I also imagine something akin to Soviet citizens ratting out neighbors on phony charges so they could get their apartments: you walk up to an enemy, let one rip, then point and shout “officer, officer, he farted! Arrest him immediately on section 3 of the civil code regarding befouling the air!”

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