Gelaskins: scratch protection for just about anything

Gelaskins sent over one of its new laptop skins. Peel 'n' stick covers cut from sheets of 3M Controltac, it goes on easily—not so sticky that it's hard to reposition or push out air bubbles, but sticky enough not to peel when you rub your thumb against the edge.
Print quality is excellent, though the glossy surface reveals the underlying material's gridded texture. It's apparently the same stuff that corporate car fleet decals are made from. And while some cuts come with sheets for both sides (such as the Kindle skin), the laptop ones are one-sided. The 11" MacBook Air, for example, has no vents or licensing info underneath and could have done with a "side B" skin so that the whole laptop is protected. That said, this is a relatively inexpensive way to make your computer gear safe from basic scratches and scuffs without adding weight or size: hard to go wrong, given that you can upload your own designs.


  1. Something I don’t understand: protecting your laptop’s pretty surface by hiding the pretty surface from view forever.

    1. Actually, it’s not only for protection but also for customization and decoration. Especially since you can provide your own photos/artwork.

      While I just us my I- and MacSttuff and don’t even use a cover most of the time, why not…

  2. Its a nice idea, but I love the extra level of security I feel when using a case. Seems a shame to put anything of the beautiful design of my macbook air anyway.

  3. I’ve used Gelaskin for years. various ipods, my razor, and 3 iphones. great quality and protection… but my bank once flagged them because even with a US address the money was going to Canada.

  4. I and my wife bought Gelaskins for our netbooks and our Blackberries about 2 years ago – – they’ve held up remarkably well, and were very precisely cut. Couldn’t recommend these more highly.

  5. Before affixing one of these to my laptop, I want to know about its thermal characteristics. If it’s going to inhibit radiation and make the fan come on more often, it’s not doing me any favors. I can’t find anything on the vendor’s site to address this.

  6. Not sure how others treat their tech objects, but by the time any of my laptops get even one scratch i’m usually ready for a trade in – pretty skin, though

  7. i have one, and i’ve had it on for over two years! i love it and its sooo pretty! i would definitely recommend these, and they have so many independent artists with their lovely art to grace your device. get one! :D

  8. I had a skin of theirs for my iPhone 3G. I was a little let down that it was definitely more scratch protection than impact protection like a proper case–the site led me to believe it’d be cushioned a bit, or at least I wanted to think it was–but the print quality was high and had some restickability for when I applied it sloppily.

  9. I had one of these on my iPod for almost a year, and was VERY pleased with it. The Gelaskin paid for itself when it was time to sell the iPod, as the device looked brand spankin new when I took the Gelaskin off. There wasn’t a single scratch on it.

    As an aside, the Gelaskin I had was part of the Lyle Owerko collection.

  10. It’s more about personalizing your hardware, than protection. I have a Mike Mignola Helloboy graphic on my boring old Dell, and it makes it so much cooler.

  11. Curious how the Apple Store Genius Bar folks look upon these when bringing in a machine with issues. Do these peel off easily, and re-attach nicely? Best to bring a machine in as close as possible to “stock” to get good service.

  12. Not sure how others treat their tech objects, but by the time any of my laptops get even one scratch i’m usually ready for a trade in – pretty skin, though

  13. I have these on my kindle, my iPad, and my iPhone 4. They’re great products. Paired with their high quality screen shields, I love being able to protect my iPhone when it’s in my pocket without a bulky case.

  14. We’ve been using ZAGG skins on our phones for a while, now. Combined with the “Invisible Shield” for the screens, it’s a great investment for our phones. And, very soon, we’ll be getting the same things for our iTouches.

  15. I bought one last week when my daughter got her new MacBook. We had too many white MacBooks in the house and I wanted to know which one is mine when I picked it up.

  16. Yeah, it was more my wishful thinking that it was a cool printed “case” rather than a cool printed sticker. But my phone had a lovely Steadman graphic when it was out of the case.

    They unpeel and re-stick fairly well, though by the 8th or 9th time I peeled it off it was starting to get dingy around the edges I wasn’t careful unpeeling around. But to be fair, I was sort of tugging a few of those times–overall it was much more resilient than the 10-12 bucks I paid would lead you to believe.

  17. @Anon #3: I believe GelaSkins is a Canadian company so, while they may have a warehouse in the US, the company’s finances are probably still based north of the border.

  18. My GelaSkin has been on and off about six times now on three or four iPhones starting with my original iPhone. It still looks great and sticks well even at the corners. It does add minimal shock absorption on an iPhone and it’s a bit stickier and pleasant to grip.

    When I finally move to the Verizon iPhone I will be sad to see the sticker go. FMS FTW!

  19. Aha! Lightbulb moment!

    One of the resons I’ve been putting-off buying a laptop (besides not really needing one…) is my vehement resistance to displaying company logos. Sounds foolish, but it hadn’t occurred to me that I could skin the whole thing.

    1. I’ve got a Macbook Pro. Beautiful aluminum design. Like you, though, I am vehemently opposed to displaying company logos. I don’t buy anything if it’s got a conspicuously visible logo.

      My solution when it’s unavoidable? Gaffer’s tape. I put a big, ugly 2-inch wide strip of black gaffer’s tape over the Apple logo, and drew a penguin on it with silver sharpie.

      I’ve been planning to make a nicer cover for the Apple logo, where the logo’s light would shine through a cut-out penguin. Never seem to get around to doing that though. On the Dell laptop I had about six years ago, I painted over the logo with a penguin design, which was a little nicer, but the nature of the Apple logo doesn’t allow for that easily.

      I also put gaffer’s tape over the logos on my DSLR(s) and lenses, and swap out the included neck strap with the huge Canon logo with an unbranded (and superior in every other way too) replacement from Domke.

      Other than that, nothing I normally would carry around anywhere or travel with has a conspicuous logo, including shoulder bags (also all from Domke, logos easily removed) and luggage. My unlocked Nexus One says Google on it, but it’s fairly subtle and would normally be covered by my hand in use.

  20. They’re a Canadian company for sure — their office is at Dundas and Dupont in Toronto, plus they’ve got a kiosk in the north end of the Toronto Eaton Centre. The latter of which I plan to visit the next time I’m shopping that mall; I got a steampunk Gelaskin for my iPod three years back with which I’m profoundly happy.

  21. Gelaskins alone are not sufficient to hide the lit Apple logo on their laptops. They are not opaque to backlights, merely translucent. So it will be a dim logo (as opposed to the neon bright by default), but still visible.

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