AT-AT walker made from scrap computer parts


6 Responses to “AT-AT walker made from scrap computer parts”

  1. MikeKStar says:

    Nicely done. My only criticism is the feet don’t look quite right. Compare here:

  2. lectroid says:

    Bullet scars?

    Surely they mean blaster scars. No empire or rebel ship is equipped with anything so primitive as ballistic weaponry.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Those blast points are too accurate for an arc welder. Only Imperial stormtroopers are that precise.

  4. Editz says:

    Start making them out of glazed clay and you have yourself a 21st century garden gnome.

  5. gandalf23 says:

    The maker has a full size ED-209 statue he made from scrap in his backyard. How cool! I hope to do similar things in my backyard someday.

  6. Alvis says:

    Pet peeve: in-browser image resizing

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